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    A day in the life of Shayelle Lajoie

    October 20, 2020

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    Meet Shayelle Lajoie.

    Garden of Vegan athlete, health and fitness freak, science nerd, model and full time Biomedical Science student.
    Shayelle is fuelled by plants, is passionate about the environment and lives on the sunny coast in QLD.

    Want to know what makes this super fit and healthy chick tick?
    We had the pleasure of getting to know what a day in the life of Shayelle looks like...

    What are your daily rituals?
    Shayelle loves to meditate daily.
    She enjoys her rigorous study regime as well as training, eating, and lots of sweating.
    Shayelle uses her time on instagram searching for and sharing plant powered recipes and fun workouts.

    What type of training do you engage in? 

    Shayelle engages in a mixture of functional fitness including CrossFit, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and some yoga to soothe her mind and body. One of Shayelle’s greatest passions is dancing! Did you know that Shayelle is a ballet dancer? She incorporates Ballet technique into her training very regularly.

    What are your favourite pre and post workout foods and or drinks?

    Shayelle’s favourite pre workout snacks are dates and beetroot. 
    Did you know that beetroot is a powerful antioxidant, it has been said to help lower blood pressure, aid in detoxification and boost athletic performance.
    Beetroot has been said to increase oxygen supply to the blood, whilst increasing energy, performance and stamina.

    Shayelle’s favourite post workout meal is a big bowl of porridge with a variety of nuts, seeds and a fresh banana.
    Eating an abundant diet full of plant variety and from all colours of the rainbow is super important to Shayelle. 

    What do you eat in a typical day?

    On a typical day Shayelle loves to have her morning porridge after working out and then fills majority of the day with tonnes of different seasonal fruits.
    Shayelle is a big fan of the certified organic Seasonal Mixed and Fruit produce boxes from Garden of Vegan.
    Her daily go to meals for lunch and dinner are Buddha Bowls including a variety of raw, fresh and cooked plant foods along with homemade Dahls! 

    What are your top three health and fitness hacks? 

    1. Be constantly looking for fun ways to mix up your training
    2. Only skip breakfast when you feel like it, not because the media tells you you’ll live longer. 
    3. Get those dark leafy greens in everyday!

    Current role models or mentors and why?
    Shayelle’s current role model is Alie Ward. Alie Ward hosts the “Ologies” podcast. Shayelle highly recommends it if you’re a science nerd like her. She also loves the Plant Proof podcast hosted by Simon Hill. 

    Do you have any passion projects you are working on? 

    Shayelle has let us in on a little secret… She is currently co-creating a 3-part eBook with her friend Brit who is an amazing vegan cook and fitness freak! The eBook will be featuring a mindfulness chapter, lots of decadent and yummy vegan recipes and plenty of workouts for all levels!

    Favourite Garden of Vegan Meal?
    Shayelle's all time favourite Garden of Vegan meal is the Mushroom Arancini bolognese. 
    “...balls!!! YUMM!!”

    What’s your greatest fear? 
    Shayelle's greatest fear is losing a family member.

    Biggest life lesson? 
    “That beauty is ACTUALLY on the inside. We get told that so often growing up that it starts to lose it’s meaning. But true honest, kind, real, caring souls shine brighter than any “good-look” ever could.”

    Favorite quote? 
    “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have.” Eckhart Tolle.

    What’s your favourite cheeky cheat meal?
    Shayelle’s favourite cheeky vegan snack is Pico Chocolate. Her favourite flavours are salted caramel, coconut,  almond. “In my eyes it’s super clean. The ingredients are so bare, just like Garden of Vegan! There’s no nasties, no synthetic chemicals, additives, confusing names ending in numbers and so on...Just pure yum and to me, guilt-less.”

    You can find out more about Shayelle by following her insta @shayellelajoie

    You can also follow the ‘Health Challenge Duo’ @shayellelajoie and @benywatson on their joint account @spud.and.jam

    Shayelle has a youtube channel you can subscribe to for fun workouts and her favourite plant-based recipes; Shayelle Lajoie

    You can also find Shayelle on the Oyana App as a Fitness/Yoga Instructor.
    Sign up for a week's free trial today!
    Head to the Oyana app on the app store or head to their website;

    Images by @benywatson