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    Plant life. Best life.

    At Garden of Vegan our team is passionate about human health
    and the preservation of the planet. We hope to inspire this and future
    generations to improve their health and reduce our impact on mother earth.

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    At Garden of Vegan, our cooking and food preparation philosophy is ‘as close to nature as possible.’

    Unlike other ready-made meal providers who make heavily processed meals that have limited if any health benefits, our process is entirely different, and we do not use oil, refined sugar or gluten in our products and every ingredient we use in our meals is washed, prepared and cooked in pure filtered water.

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    Oil is highly refined and processed and it is not a wholefood.

    Nutrients are better absorbed and utilised in the body when ingested as a wholefood.

    Did you know it would take approximately 40 olives to get one tablespoon of olive oil?

    Our early ancestors where not extracting oil from wholefoods via the rigorous cold pressing method.

    Oil is extremely high in saturated fat adding unnecessary calories. It can interfere with artery function, blood sugar regulation and weight management.

    Oil is extremely high in saturated fat adding unnecessary calories. It is not needed in our diet and has no health benefits.

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    Sugar is heavily processed and is added to most foods deemed ‘junk food’ by contemporary society.

    Sugar originally comes from a wholefood which is full of nutrients. That wholefood - sugar cane - is refined. All the fibre, vitamins and minerals are removed to produce the white crystals of ‘sugar’ that are left.

    What started as a nutritious wholefood if eaten in moderation and straight from nature, is now refined with all the good stuff removed.

    You are essentially left with a highly concentrated substance that is nutrient deficient and high in calories.

    We do not add any refined sugars and are able to access sweetness from wholefoods to assist in the creation of well balanced, highly nutritious and wonderfully tasty meals.

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    In meeting the growing health needs of our population, specifically those suffering from celiac disease and those with gluten sensitivities, we have designed a menu and facility free from gluten.

    The grains we select such as quinoa, rice, buckwheat, millet and others, are exploding with nutrients. They are each made up of different nutritional profiles and can be classified as ‘superfoods’ that support human health.

    A great example is Quinoa, the so-called ‘queen of grains’ because it has the richest nutritional content of any grain with nine essential amino acids making it a complete protein.

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    Water quality matters.

    At Garden Of Vegan, not only do we have concerns about unfiltered water due to fluoride, but we are very conscious about the dangerous amounts of poisonous herbicides, toxic pesticides and chlorine that may also be present in the water ways that also find their way to our tap water.

    That’s why all ingredients that go into our meals are washed, prepared and cooked in pure filtered water using a state of the art 7-stage water filtration and treatment system to remove any nasties and to guarantee that our products are healthy, clean and free from toxins.

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