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Check if we deliver to you

Are you an NDIS PArticipant?

No shopping, cooking or cleaning. Australia’s healthiest ready-made meals prepared fresh weekly, delivered straight to your door.

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Why Garden of Vegan?

A wholefood plant-based diet has been scientifically proven to be the optimum diet for human health and the most sustainable for the planet. It has also been proven to be effective in reversing, managing and treating many modern lifestyle diseases and illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer's, autoimmune conditions and some cancers. Many prominent world-class athletes are adopting plant-based nutrition to maximise performance and aid in muscle repair and recovery. Welcome to the plant-based revolution.

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My diabetes has improved greatly after several years of needing prescribed drugs. I have recently, with medical approval, stopped taking such drugs. I appear to be cured completely! Thank you for your amazing meals. Patricia T (NDIS customer)

Garden of Vegan offers the most thoughtful, nutritious meal plan available.

Garden of Vegan meals are carefully considered in their design to be the most delicious and healthful.

Being extremely particular about what I eat , where it is from and having to be always organic and Vegan, Garden of Vegan ticks all the Boxes with their extensive menu and portion size. Nothing comes close to the joy of being assisted with my weekly meal delivery from Garden of Vegan over the past two years.

L. Taylor (NDIS Customer)

I'm with the NDIS, also type one diabetic and have a limited diet. Garden of Vegan meals, aside from being delicious (I've yet to find a dish I did not enjoy) the food is wonderfully clean and healthy. GoV put so much care into what goes into the food. And as we all know, you are what you eat. Thank you, Garden of Vegan.

Jimmy B. (NDIS Customer)

An internet search led to Garden of Vegan post reviewing a major non vegan competitor initially recommended who was found to have refined oil (canola oil) in most of their meals. 'Food is thy medicine'… a godsend and little treasure from the Gold Coast Queensland which is completely organic, gluten-free, meat free, dairy free, refined oil free and refined sugar free. We could not have asked for anything more when it came to beginning to adhere more often to a brain diet and neurological diet.

FP (NDIS Customer)
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As an NDIS participant, you now have the choice to eat meals designed to drastically improve your health and the health of the planet.
Browse our menu of prepared meals, snacks, sides, pantry items and fresh produce boxes, designed to meet all your nutrient requirements through a wholefood plant-based diet.

If you are an eligible NDIS participant, you will only pay for the food cost component of the meals you order. Either request a quote or follow our simple steps below to get started.

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icon Self Managed and Plan Managed NDIS Participants can receive a subsidy for the preparation and delivery cost of their meals.

icon Agency Managed Participants are unable to receive a subsidy when ordering our meals.


If you require a quote to send to your plan manager or through to your NDIS portal for approval, click below.

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Head to

icon Follow these steps
  • Select Sign Up at the top right of the screen to create your account

  • Enter your postcode first to make sure we deliver to your area.

  • Fill in all your personal information.

  • Make sure you tick the box I am NDIS eligible to gain access to NDIS pricing

  • Enter your NDIS details and select either Full Payment or Partial Payment.

  • Click Register and you will be sent to your new account page


How to order

icon Follow these steps
  • From your account, select Order Now or head to the Menu tab

  • Browse the menu and add items to your cart

  • Review your shopping cart and select Check Out

  • Select if you want a Weekly, Fortnightly or a One Time Purchase

  • Check your details are correct and Continue to Payment

  • You will receive an order confirmation if paid in full or an order pending if partially paying

Check your NDIS approval to ensure prepared meals are covered as part of your plan. You can also suggest to have meal preparation included in your next NDIS review. Or you can appeal to have meal preparation and delivery included into your NDIS plan. You can check this with your plan manager or directly with NDIS here.

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Eligible Participants

To be eligible to receive prepared meals, your NDIS plan will need to have meal preparation and delivery itemised as an inclusion. Check with your support coordinator or plan manager if you are unsure.


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Please note: For agency managed (NDIS) participants, you will be unable to order through Garden of Vegan at this stage.

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Not ready? Get a quote.

Or you can ask us questions we couldn't answer in our FAQ or get help in getting started.

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