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    A day in the Life of... Mikaela Di-Blasio

    September 30, 2020

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    A day in the life of Byron Bay’s sun loving, exercise enthusiast and smiley energizer bunny… Mikaela Di-Blasio

    Mikaela is a fitness instructor and health advocate who aims to empower women to reclaim their confidence and strength all whilst achieving their wildest dreams.
    Her philosophy towards life is simple. Smile, love and explore.
    She is trained in a range of health centred disciplines and offers her local community a variety of self love tools, fitness programs, adventures, motivation through gratitude, lots of food and nutrition education and so much more.
    Such a positive role model for young women, we thought we would sit down with Mikaela and share with you a day i her life.

    So we asked Mikaela...

    What are your daily rituals?
    Her immediate response to this question was EXERCISE!
    Mikaela loves getting outside in the fresh air daily, rain hail or shine.
    “I loooove walking at the moment so going for a daily walk is a must”
    Mikaela also enjoys fresh ocean swims in and around the local Byron Shire.

    Here are three of Mikaela’s daily musts;
    “I also am a daily cuddle bunny and fruit bat”.

    What type of training do you engage in?
    Mikaela loves the fast and hard style workouts.
    “Mostly you’ll find me in the hard core crazy sweaty classes because I thrive off the challenge and the mental and physical push”.
    She thoroughly enjoys boxing, CrossFit or HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training).
    Variety is really is key for Mikaela as she loves to mix it up and work her whole body, both indoors and outside in nature.

    Favourite pre and post workout foods and or drinks?
    “I don’t pay too much attention to what I eat before or after exercise, except for always drinking lots of water.”
    Mikaela suggests eating oranges apples or a banana as an awesome natural and caffeine free alternative to a pre workout snack.

    Mikaela believes in listening to the body as a means of what and when to eat.
    She does not currently have any set rituals in place for this reason.

    What do you eat on a typical day?
    I love fruit so I always have some sweet juicy papaya or orange”.
    Mikaela loves smoothies and fresh salads each day.
    She believes eating a variety of plant foods from the rainbow every day will ensure your body receives all the key and essential nutrients it needs to thrive.
    “I also usually have roasted veggies and tofu for a lot of dinners because I’m also super basic sometimes haha”.
    The quality of food Mikaela consumes daily is so important to her.
    She strives to eat organic where possible, plant foods that are season and mostly wholefoods.
    Over winter two of Mikaela’s go to breakfast meals were chocolate overnight oats or carrot cake oats every morning.

    What are your top three health and fitness hacks?

    1. Get enough sleep.
    Mikaela stated that sleep is so underestimated. She believes that there is no point putting in heaps of work during the day if you don’t get the repair and recovery time whilst in slumber.

    2. Smile more.
    “It won’t help you run faster but at least you’ll be enjoying it”.

    3.“Focus on goals that aren’t aesthetic because I promise, you will always find something else to pick on”.
    Mikaela likes to focus on goals that play to her strengths.She encourages her clients to always focus outside of their appearance.
    “If you focus on goals that are based around your appearance you’ll always be unhappy and subconsciously tell yourself that you aren’t good enough or worthy right now as you are.”

    Positive self talk, positive affirmations, realistic goals and commitment are all key ingredients for success through Mikaela’s eyes.

    Current role models or mentors and why?
    Mikaela’s current role models are her mum, her sisters and her boyfriend Riley.
    “My mum is the most amazing woman ever and has taught me so many amazing lessons and I just love her! My mum has taught me so much about compassion, keeping an open mind and always supports me and the family no matter what we do.”
    Mikaela is inspired most by those close to her. Her partner Riley is an amazing mentor to her as the duo act as each other's mirrors. “ weaknesses are his strengths so he has taught me a lot and has helped me grow in areas I wasn’t as strong in before”. 

    Any side projects you are working on?
    Mikaela is patiently waiting for COVID restrictions to ease so that she can get back to running her self love and fitness inspired retreats, which is something she is very passionate about.

    Favourite Garden of Vegan Product?

    Mikaela loves creating in the kitchen.
    The seasonal, certified organic fruit and veggie produce boxes from Garden of Vegan are hands down my favourite! It is always SO fresh and amazing and I love opening the boxes to see what surprises we get each week.”

    Biggest life lesson so far?
    There are so many. But I think realising that the one who is doubting you the most is you”.
    Mikaela explained that she has learnt a lot about herself throughout her lifetime, especially when it came to the pressure she once placed on herself. She is learning to fully accept herself for who she is and is embracing all things self love and self care.
    “...realising your worth enables you to have confidence to succeed, to not let yourself be treated poorly, to call yourself out when you are falling into bad habits. The one in control of all of this is you and I think we spend our whole lives waiting for someone else to tell us this and to make us feel ‘full’ or ‘enough’ when we really are enough the whole time…”

    Favorite quote?
    This was a hard question for Mik to answer as she had so many quotes to share. Here are just a few of her favourite quotes...

    Everyday may not be good but there is something good in every day -Alice Morse Earle.

    Feelings are just visitors let them come and go -Mooji

    When writing your own story don’t let anyone else hold the pen -Harley Davidson

    Be there for others but never leave yourself behind -Dodinsky

    What’s your favourite cheeky cheat meal?
    Mikaela stated that recently she has been making many of her old favourite ‘cheat’ meals, into healthier visions of themselves.
    Every now and then Mikaela will make home made burgers, substituting the unhealthy patty and sauce for home versions incorporating more fresh, seasonal produce.
    Mikaela has also been making healthy plant inspired pizza’s every second week, which means her once ‘cheat meals’ are now actually healthy and no longer classified as cheating.

    You can follow Mikaela at @mikaeladiblasio 

    You can also find Mikaela on the Oyana App as a Fitness Instructor. Sign up for a week's free trial today! Head to the Oyana app on the app store or head to their website;

    To learn more about Mikaela, her retreats and her empowering health and fitness offerings, head to her website;

    By signing up to her online community you will receive exclusive access to
    her fun workouts, yummy plant-based recipes to make at home, her favourite uplifting quotes to read and so much more.