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    A day in the life of... Jacob Hohua

    July 28, 2020

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    A day in the life of Jacob Hohua.

    Jacob Hohua is an elite athlete based on the Gold Coast.
    Also known as the #PlantbasedGorilla, Jacob is a 100kg beast, specialising in a variety of disciplines including body building, strongman and cross fit. Jacob’s 9-5 consists of him working as a personal trainer helping to transform people’s lives. He is a new dad to baby Arlo, the King to his Queen Bev and a massive advocate for all things health and fitness. Jacob has recently featured on Channel 9’s the Ninja Warrior Australia.

    We sat down with Jacob to bring to you what a day in the life of Jacob Hohua, the #PlantbasedGorilla and the Plant-Based Ninja looks like.

    So we asked Jacob…

    What are your daily rituals?
    Jacob is a man of routine. He believes in practicing daily self care for his long term health and well-being.
    Jacob wakes up at 4am every day. He likes to start his day with a big glass of water to hydrate his body, from his sleep.
    This is followed by a shot of apple cider vinegar to get the digestive juices awake and flowing.
    He enjoys a strong, long black coffee, a cold shower and engages in breath work or meditation.
    All of this before he starts training.
    Jacob spends the rest of his day training clients and training himself.
    He trains roughly 2 hours a day combining principles from a variety of fitness disciplines including bodybuilding, strongman and cross fit.
    Jacob also makes time each day to walk his dog Digs and can not wait to return home to his beautiful partner Bev and their new born daughter Arlo.
    Jacob also admitted that he loves to unwind at night with Bev and some sneaky netflix and chill.

    What do you eat in a day?

    Jacob consumes 3000 to 5000 calories a day depending on how much training he is doing.
    Jacob follows a predominantly wholefood plant-based diet.
    Jacob has been plant-based for 3 years now.

    Jacob went from eating a few kilograms of meat a day to a completely wholefood plant-based diet. His reasons for the switch was to reclaim his health and to help improve his fitness.

    He eats 6-7 cooked meals a day including fresh fruit and greens in between each meal.
    A big portion of his plant powered meals come from Garden of Vegan.

    A typical breakfast for Jacob would include oats with chia seeds, a B12 supplement being the BeHumane smoothie Booster, fresh banana and fresh blueberries.
    Jacob also loves wholegrain toast loaded with avocado, tomato, mushrooms and rocket.

    He also makes a ‘juice smoothie. That's right, not a juice or a smoothie but a ‘juice smoothie’ daily, which includes a variety of fruits and vegetables.

    Lunch and Dinner:
    Jacob enjoys Garden of Vegan of course.
    For dinners Jacob and his partner Bev cook up one of their favourite vegan meals together.
    Jacob loves Bev’s homemade plant-based burgers and sometimes a sneaky vegan dessert.

    Favourite pre and post workout foods and or drinks?
    Jacobs favourite pre-workout snack is a banana, just before training

    A post-workout snack for him, normally includes simple carbs like pasta or rice. And he also enjoys a GoV meal, with his favourite post workout meal being Mac n cheese.

    Current role models or mentors and why?
    Jacob’s biggest role model to date, hands down is his fiance Bev. He said he was in complete awe witnessing her go through pregnancy and birth. The entire experience was nothing like he could ever imagine. He holds Bev very close to his heart and looks to her for inspiration daily. 

    Jacob also said as cliche as it is, he does look up to The Rock, Dwayne Johnson.
    Jacobs aspires to be successful in his profession and take his athletic ability to the next level, very similar to that of his mentor. Jacob is inspired by The Rock’s drive, passion, training styles, how hard he works and how disciplined he is.

    What are your top three health and fitness hacks?
    1. Eat heaps of wholefoods and eat a variety of foods from the rainbow.

    2. Train for performance, not just looks.

    3. Work inwards. Don’t just spend time working on the outer physique, you must go within and do the work.

    What is your favourite Garden of Vegan Meal?

    Jacob loves a big bowl of Mac n Cheese.
    The Garden of Vegan Mac n Cheese is made from quinoa, rice, corn & buckwheat pasta, with an insane creamy, cheesy vegan sauce. 
    His second favourite GoV meal is the Peruvian Bean Bowl, followed closely by the Baked Shepherd’s Pie.

    What's your greatest fear?
    Jacob explained that his greatest fear would be to sell out for fame or money.
    He wants to ensure that in life he is true to himself and always stays genuine. He wants to know that when he does hit his targets, achieve his goals and move the goalposts, that he is doing so authentically and from a place of truth.

    What has been your biggest life lesson so far?
    “To stay true to yourself. No matter what people think about you, you gotta do what's right for you.” - Jacob Hohua.

    What’s your favourite cheeky vegan cheat meal?
    Jacob can’t go past a vegan or plant-based burger with sweet potato fries. 

     You can follow Jacob Hohoua the 

    #PlantbasedGorilla @jacobhohua

    To watch Jacob take you through his everyday diet, check him out on the Ninja Food Diaries;