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    What Garden of Vegan has saved the planet in 2019

    December 18, 2019

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    What a year it has been.

    Garden of Vegan officially opened its doors in April 2019, with a massive mission on their hearts, wanting to help improve the health status of Australians.

    Garden of Vegan was created by it’s co-founders, to inspire conscious and abundant living… to empower individuals to take control of their health… to support families in accessing Australia’s healthiest meals… to educate on more conscious consumerism… to help contribute to a more sustainable future… to change the game in health… to change the game in sustainability… to help save the planet and all its inhabitants!

    By supporting Garden of Vegan, you have not only contributed to supporting small, local, family run, ethical businesses, but you have helped us increase the demand for more organic and sustainable farming practices in Australia. This is something our future desperately needs, for the health of the planet and for our continued growth as a human race here on planet earth.

    By eating Garden of Vegan meals in 2019, compared to the average meat-eater, our customers have saved;

    -76,738,133 litres of water

    -166,020kg of CO2 emissions

    -553,400 square feet of forested land

    -368,933kg of grain

    -18,447 animals lives

    Why do we do what we do?

    Using the famous words of Dr Zach Bush, MD… “I want future generations to realize that life is the result of a cooperative and co-creative relationship with the ecosystem of the planet because if we do, the children of the future could find a new experience of thriving, not just surviving.”