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    Vegan Tofu Tikka Masala with Ginger and Cumin Rice

    November 01, 2021

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    Recipe Created by: @nourishinglydelicious
    Images by: @nourishinglydelicious

    Who doesn’t love an Indian inspired curry recipe? We sure do at Garden of Vegan.

    Check out this plant inspired take on Tikka Masala.

    We recently teamed up with Food Photographer and Content Creator Tracey, from Nourishingly Delicious.

    Tracey Anderson is very passionate about cooking, especially when it comes to cooking from scratch using plant based wholefoods.

    Tracey has suffered in the past with a severe intolerance to processed foods, in particular many food additives. This has led to many health concerns for Tracey including chronic inflammation.

    By turning to wholefoods and by removing processed foods that have nasty additives, she has been able to manage her condition and live a better quality of life.

    Plant rich wholefoods have supported her immune system, helping her to heal the chronic inflammation and enjoy foods as mother nature intended.

    She has a university degree in psychology, is currently studying nutrition and has started a food photography and styling business.

    Her nutritional studies and business in food, allows her to work with brands that align with her vision and values around eating a wholefood diet that is additive free.


    Tracey has created a plant inspired Tikka Masala, using produce from Garden of Vegan’s certified organic seasonal produce boxes.

    This is a simple recipe, using many veggies and pantry items most people would have in their cupboards. It takes around 20 minutes, has an abundance of plant foods with many healing and health benefits and… did we mention it is bursting with flavor!

    Tikka Masala is a very popular Indian curry. It has marinated pieces of your choice of protein, which is simmered in a creamy and rich, tomato based sauce feeling oh so luxurious. In this plant based version, Tracey from @nourishinglydelicious has used Tofu as the choice of plant protein.

    Dr Axe has labelled tofu as a vegan superfood, promoting heart health, relieving menopause symptoms, supporting weight loss, bone health and blood sugar control.

    When sourced organically and non GMO, soy is a great source of protein and provides many key micronutrients. Tofu is an excellent source of calcium, selenium and manganese.


    Tracey’s Vegan Tofu Tikka Masala recipe goes extremely well with this fragrant ginger & cumin basmati rice.

    It is one of her favourite vegan recipes, as it is a great meal to prepare for lunch or dinner and reheats well the next day.

    Tracey choose to use Broccoli, Spring onions, Brown Onions, Lemon and Spinach from the Garden of Vegan produce box and paired it with other staples in the pantry & fridge including coconut cream, Tofu, activated cashew nuts and freshly ground spices and herbs.

    This recipe is super versatile pending on what you have in the fridge and cupboard.

    Here are some ingredient suggestions based off Tracey’s recipe;

    Silken Organic Tofu
    Coconut milk or cream
    Lime or Lemon juice
    Olive or Sesame oil is optional
    Celtic Sea Salt and Pepper to taste
    Array of fresh seasonal veggies. We suggest broccoli, spring onions, spinach and green peas.
    Fresh herbs to garnish. We suggest Coriander

    Tikka Masala Spices:
    Coriander Seeds
    Cumin Seeds
    Black Pepper

    Serve with your choice of rice. We suggest Brown Basmati Rice with fresh ginger grated in and Cumin Seeds.


    This recipe is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Preservative and Additive Free and Sugar Free.

    This can be put together quickly for one or made for the entire family. Adjust your quantities as needed.

    Meet Tracey from @nourishinglydelicious


    MY STORY OF HEALING; Tracey Anderson

    Being severely intolerant to processed foods, mainly additives and preservatives, I have to be so overly cautious with regards to what I eat due to having constant chronic inflammation.

    Chronic Urticaria is the condition I have been diagnosed with, which flares up only if I eat certain additives. I believe prevention is the best cure.

    Ordering Garden of Vegans produce boxes is a great way for me to focus on more whole & vegan foods to boost my immunity naturally as plant based foods have always been the best medicine for my healing journey.

    Head to @nourishinglydelicious to learn more about Tracey or check out her whole food inspired recipes.

    If you are keen to create some of your own plant powered recipes, why not save time and start with ordering one of Garden of Vegans organic, seasonal produce boxes.

    Delivered straight to your door, fresh from local certified organic farmers.