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    Sylva Lining Organics Ep #01 - Are your vegetables poisoning you?

    July 22, 2020

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    “Organics is the absence of poisons. It's also the addition of nutrients and minerals” - Ian Willis from Sylva Lining Organics.

    Sylva Linings is an independently and family run Certified Organic and Biodynamic Farm.
    Ian and his wife Sylva have a passion for nourishing chemical free produce. They believe in genuine farming practises that produce mineral & nutrient rich produce grown using only natural mulch, all whilst complying with the National Standards that are truly chemical free and natural.

    They provide certified organic produce to local residents in the Tweed Shire and South East Queensland.

    Garden of Vegan are fortunate enough to work closely with Ian and Sylva and use some of their seasonal certified organic produce in their meals.

    In episode one of this short educational series, Benny and Ian talk about organics and identify clearly what buying certified organic means when compared to conventional produce. 

    So why is certified organic farming so important for human health?
    Ian stated that when eating organically, you are not consuming all those invisible pesticides and insecticide.
    He believes that the biggest problem with conventional foods is that pesticides and insecticide are invisible, which means people often think they don't exist.

    Ian explained that he just can not see the point of growing lovely fresh produce and then spraying poison on it before you eat it. It believes that it is counterintuitive to grow that way. 

    According to Zach Bush MD, modern chemical farming has led to the destruction of our planet's soils, water systems, oceans, and human health.
    Over the last 25 years, chronic disease has exploded and is the worst in human history.
    Can our agricultural practises like modern chemical farming be to blame?
    It definitely can not be overlooked.

    So what does certified organic produce mean?
    Ian discussed with Benny that organic produce is simply fruits, vegetables and wholefoods grown naturally, with the absence of poisons. He also reinforced that organics is not just about the absence of poison, but equally about the addition of nutrients and minerals. 
    Ian explained that research is now showing that organic produce is higher in nutrient content when compared to it’s conventionally grown counterpart.
    He truly believes that food is medicine and that the amount of nutrients and quality of those nutrients you are getting, is paramount to human health.

    Ian is investigating having a mobile spectrography on the farm, in the hope of taking a spectrograph of live, living vegetables in a paddock. This will allow you to see how much nutrients are present, will distinguish between specific minerals and vitamins, report on their quantities and so much more.
    Ian believes that when comparing a certified organic crop, against a conventional hydroponic crop, you will see a massive difference.
    This is an example of how farmers can utilise technology to assist in maximising human health.
    Ian believes that in the future, we should be able to see reports on our produce and start consuming based on the quality and nutrient values of the item.
    Now, that we would love to see. 

    When it comes down to it, Ian feels that we should be eating foods which have higher nutrient profiles and that are not toxic to our health.
    It makes sense right?
    So why do we opt for the conventional, less nutrient and poison ridden produce?
    Is it because the poison is invisible? Is it because organic produce is more expansive and less available than non-organic produce?
    Both Ian and the team at Garden of Vegan believe education is key and once you go down the rabbit whole there is no turning back. If you have the knowledge and option of organic or non organic produce, knowing very well that non organic produce is sprayed with poisons linked to adverse health effects, the choice is simple.

    Benny said that what most people don't realise is how much care goes into certified organic farming when compared to conventional farming.
    After spending many days on the farm with Ian, Sylva and the team at Sylva Linings, the team at Garden of Vegan can definitely attest to that!

    Ian has specific times for picking, planting, seeding and maintenance that nurtures each individual crop whilst respecting their cycles and differences. He has learnt how to meet the individual needs of each plant to allow them the best possible environment to live and grow. 

    The process of chemical farming compared to organic non-chemical farming is very different. Ian stated that like many things in life, once you open the lid and see what is happening beyond the surface and you gain a deeper understanding, you can never go back. 

    One thing to remember, if it's not certified, it's not organic!

    In Episode 2 Benny from Garden of Vegan and Ian from Sylva Lining Organics will discuss why organic farming practises are important for our planet's health and sustainability. 

    To learn more about organic farming practises, to volunteer or purchase produce from Sylva Linings, please check out their website at;

    And follow them on instagram @sylva_lining_organics