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    Introducing Our New 300g LITE Meal Range

    January 11, 2022

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    About LITE Meal Range

    We have listened to our community and are excited to announce an entire new meal range of 300g servings!

    At Garden of Vegan, we have always prioritized large servings of our meals to ensure our customers are getting as much value as possible.

    After listening to feedback from our community, we are pleased to announce we will be offering a brand new range of 300g servings of all the meals you already know and love from us.

    On top of saving an average of $2 per meal. These portions are perfect if you are looking for reduced calorie servings for weight loss, body type, activity levels or simply prefer a smaller portion size than our meals regularly serve. 

    Made with the same farm fresh, 100% organic ingredients & delicious flavours!

    This is the perfect meal size to support your body and mind this summer.

    AND! For those that are the opposite, and actually prefer our meals because of the large portion sizes...(we see you!)

    Don't worry, our original 450g servings aren't going anywhere!

    Thank you for your continued support, we are so excited for what's to come in 2022!

    With Gratitude,

    The Garden of Vegan Family

    Size Comparison

    Macro Comparison For Same Meal

    Butter Tofu Makhani Regular Meal $16.95

    Portion Serving: 450g

    Calories: 466

    Protein: 23g

    Fat: 20.3g

    Carbs: 47.6g

    Butter Tofu Makhani LITE Meal $14.95

    Portion Serving: 300g

    Calories: 300

    Protein: 14.9g

    Fat: 13.1g

    Carbs: 30.4g