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    Improve your health in 2024 and beyond!

    December 22, 2023

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    Improve your health in 2024 and beyond!

    A new year is a fresh start to focus on maintaining and improving your health.

    Most people know that to improve or maintain their health, one needs to focus on establishing good sleep patterns, reducing stress levels, maintaining exercise and physical activities, and improving one's diet. And, one of the fastest ways to maintain or improve your diet is to eat healthy, fresh, and nutritious plant-based foods.

    Why plant-based foods?

    Plant-based foods are full of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Plus, all Garden of Vegan healthy meals, sides, and pantry items are certified organic and dairy-free, gluten-free, additive-free, and preservative-free. So with our certified organic food, you know you are getting the healthiest plant-based meals and pantry items in Australia.

    Why Garden of Vegan?

    Since its inception, Garden of Vegan wanted to not just create delicious meals but decided to focus on healthy meals, sides, and pantry items that are organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, additive-free, and preservative-free. Later we decided to get full organic certification, which certifies our food as organic and makes our full meal creation process and supply chain transparent.

    We are proud to be certified organic and we are even prouder to create the healthiest plant-based meals in Australia.

    Good things with Garden of Vegan in 2024 and beyond!

    We wanted to share with you our recent developments such as:

    • The recent completion of our new (and expanded) facility
    • Our 2024 plans for new seasonal meals, sides, and pantry items
    • A 2024 newsletter focus on health news and nutritional information

    Plus, more is coming.

    Yes, Garden of Vegan wants everyone to improve their health!

    Garden of Vegan's customers, including NDIS participants, can rest assured that our healthy organic meals, produce, and pantry items are 100% organic and nutritious!

    And, NDIS participants only pay for the food cost component of the meals they order. NDIS participants and NDIS plan managers can learn more about Garden of Vegan NDIS plans and healthy meal delivery by filling out our NDIS form and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

    Watch our website and sign up for our newsletter!

    Stay up to date with Garden of Vegan. Join our newsletter and you can enjoy health information, and learn about the latest Garden of Vegan news, new meals, discounts, and more!

    Additional health information from Garden of Vegan

    Garden of Vegan Vitamin Guide:
    Learn more about healthy foods and how you can increase your vitamin intake with healthy meals, sides, sauces, desserts, and pantry items at the Garden of Vegan Vitamin Guide.

    Garden of Vegan Meal Plans:
    Learn more about our Health & Wellbeing Meal Plans and our Fitness & Performance Meal Plans including our Cleanse and Detox Meal Plan, Weight Loss Meal Plan, Back to Health Meal Plan, Increase Muscle Mass Meal Plan, Improve Performance Meal Plan, and Shred and Sculpt Meal Plan

    Garden of Vegan Certified Organic Certification:
    Learn more about our certified organic certification and what it means for food quality and production transparency from farm to fork.