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    Garden of Vegan Delivers the Healthiest Meals Across Australia

    May 06, 2023

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    Garden of Vegan is all about healthy meal delivery

    Every healthy Garden of Vegan meal is:

    • 100% Plant-Based
      All Garden of Vegan meals are healthy and cruelty-free.
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    • 100% Certified Organic
      All Garden of Vegan meals are certified organic. Our food is healthy and free of synthetic pesticides, toxic fertilizers, and other nasties.
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    • Oil, Gluten & Refined Sugar Free
      All Garden of Vegan meals are designed with a multitude of health goals and eliminate unnecessary oils and unhealthy refined sugars. And our meals are always gluten-free for those with allergies or sensitivities.
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    • Always Fresh - Never Frozen
      All Garden of Vegan meals are always created fresh - specifically picked and packed fresh so you can always enjoy tasty, healthy meals.
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    • Cooked in Filtered Water
      All Garden of Vegan meals are cooked in filtered water to make sure you enjoy clean food free from contaminants, bacteria, or more!
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    • Preservative & Additive Free
      All Garden of Vegan meals are made with no artificial ingredients, additives, or artificial food coloring. We believe health is about all-natural, plant-based foods.
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    • Packaged with sustainability in mind
      All Garden of Vegan meal packaging is designed to be recycled to reduce our carbon footprint.
    • Australia Made
      All Garden of Vegan meals are made fresh by an Australian company dedicated to delivering the healthiest meals in Australia!

    Are you ready to start eating healthy with Garden of Vegan?

    Start your journey to health with our meal delivery or one of Garden of Vegan's six meal plans designed to target a specific health goal:

    Also, learn how Garden of Vegan supports the community.

    Garden of Vegan also delivers healthy meals to NDIS participants

    Eligible NDIS participants can take advantage of healthy, vitamin-rich meals and only pay for the food cost component of the meals they order. NDIS Participants and NDIS plan managers, learn more about Garden of Vegan NDIS plans, fill out our NDIS form and we'll contact you soon as possible.

    Take control of your nutrition by feeding your body healthy plant-based foods and have Garden of Vegan deliver healthy, delicious vegan food direct to your door.

    Try our Garden of Vegan meal plans and start your health journey today.

    Purchase individual meals or visit our Meal Plans to Suit your Lifestyle section and select a nutritional meal plan!