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    Crowdfunding the Plant Revolution: Invest in Garden of Vegan

    October 10, 2022

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    Join our crowdfunding campaign if you're passionate about plant-based living!

    Gain equity in the fastest growing plant-based, organic and wholefood ready made meal company in Australia!

    It's time to put your money where your mouth is... literally! 

    We're ready to grow (our garden AND our impact) and we're inviting you to grow with us.

    In just a few days, our Birchal crowdfunding campaign (similar to Kickstarter) will be going live to accept Expressions of Interest.

    After a couple weeks, it will open up to investments!

    We are so excited to open this opportunity up to our community to join us and be a part of the Garden of Vegan Mission. 

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    Why Should You Invest in Our Crowdfunding Campaign?

    If you believe you can live a sustainable, healthy diet without destroying the planet, then investing in our business aligns with you.

    We can eat well AND make a profit.


    At Garden of Vegan, we are proud to say that we are redefining the ready-made meal space, an already $1.5 billion dollar industry that is growing year on year! (1)

    Our mission is to empower Australians to achieve optimum health by providing the healthiest, organic plant-based ready-made meals and nutrition solutions.

    Farm to Table Sustainable Living

    We have strategically placed ourselves in the middle of the organic food heartland, South East Queensland, to be closer to our farm to table producers.

    In doing so, our customers receive fresh produce weekly, whilst forming strong relationships directly with our farmers and suppliers. 

    With the success of our crowdfunding efforts, we'll be able to begin servicing specialty health food stores nationwide in 2023.

    We also work with local nutritionists and health professionals who align with our nutritional philosophy which ensures our mission is upheld by facts.

    There's something missing in the market!

    After healing our own health concerns, we found a niche in the market that was not being met.

    Before us, there was no one product that could deliver 100% certified organic, pre-made plant-based wholefoods, free from additives, preservatives, refined sugar, refined oil and gluten free.

    Garden of Vegan was born to fill this niche.

    Our meals have been created in consultation with some of the world's leading health professionals, centered around a wholefood plant-based diet.

    It's the one diet scientifically proven to prevent, manage and even reverse many common chronic diseases and illnesses.

    The health, organic and ready-made meal industry is growing and has never been more in demand by Australian consumers.


    We are experiencing the most extraordinary pandemic of chronic disease in our 200,000 year history.

    Prepared meal companies that promote health as a core benefit, have seen steady growth with predictions for those which include dietary preferences like gluten free, sugar free, vegan etc.

    Dietary preferences continue to shape the Australian food supply chain. 

    Despite the amount of pre-prepared options claiming health benefits, many consumers still view these as unhealthy and are actively seeking proven alternatives.

    Meals that cater to specific dietary preferences including organic, gluten free, vegan etc. are increasing in popularity and contributing to the ready-made meal industry. (1)

    Why Choose Garden of Vegan to Crowdfund?

    Our timing in the market is perfect.

    We've been entirely self-funded, reinvesting 100% of the profits back into our growing business.

    Our innovative model is based on economy of scale.

    As we continue to grow, so will the success of the business - without compromising our values.

    Investing Is All About Numbers: Let's Talk Dollars & Cents

    Garden of Vegan has achieved impressive growth year on year since inception in 2019.

    This year alone, we succeeded in reaching $3.5 million in revenue thanks to our rapidly growing loyal base of customers.

    Since 2019, we've reached $8.5 million in accumulative revenue acquiring well over 11k happy customers.

    Health food is a huge market opportunity that the CSIRO estimates will have an annual growth rate of 3.6% and will reach $25 billion by 2030.

    The notion of “food as medicine” is clear, as 44% of Australians already use specific foods to address their medical conditions.

    The demand for organic products is on the rise! 

    The organic market alone is estimated to be growing at 20% per annum with national consumption predicted to reach $2.3 Billion by 2030.

    The ready-made meal industry revenue is expected to increase at an annualised 1.7% over the next 5 years, growing to 1.6 billion. (1)

    Your contribution to our Birchal crowdfunding campaign will allow us to grow, reaching more Australians than ever before, whilst ultimately creating a successful, forward thinking, conscious business of the future.

    But its not all about the numbers...

    Not only do we have the privilage of supporting our customers through their unique health journey, but we get to do so whilst solving some of the biggest problems of our time;

    • Human Health
    • Planetary Health
    • Food Waste
    • Future sustainability
    • Access to quality, localised organic produce

    What Makes Garden of Vegan Different?

    We have differentiated ourselves within the market as leaders when it comes to education, empowerment and community.

    Garden of Vegan offers more than just a pre-packaged meal but a whole nutrition solution.

    Our meals are based on the nutritional philosophy of a wholefood plant based diet, including unprocessed seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans and wholegrains. 

    In support of this, our menu is 100%:

    • gluten free
    • refined oil free
    • refined sugar free
    • preservatives free
    • additives free
    • and free from anything that is overprocessed

    We provide set meal plans for those with specific health or fitness goals, fresh seasonal produce boxes and an organic pantry range using the finest quality ingredients. 

    Your one stop shop for all your organic wholefood needs. 

    Food as mother nature intended. 

    Invest in a Crowdfunding Initiative That Makes a Difference

    Our meals are made with love by real people using premium filtered water to prepare, wash and cook with. 

    We only use 100% certified organic ingredients that are picked fresh weekly.

    In doing so we are supporting local organic, biodynamic and regenerative Australian farming practices.

    Our rotating seasonal menu includes nutrient-dense prepared meals in three different sizes; ideal for the health conscious individual or the whole family! 

    Invest In an Environmentally Sustainable Business That Doesn’t Cut Corners

    At Garden of Vegan we exclusively use home-compostable packaging for our pantry items.

    For our produce boxes, we have adopted a tray-for-tray initiative from the UK using 100% recycled plastic for our meal trays. 

    That means no ‘virgin plastic’ is used. 

    Even our box liners are made from compostable plant materials!

    With this investment, we will be 100% plastic and food waste free as of June 2023.

    Meet the Minds Behind Garden of Vegan

    When you invest in a crowdfunding initiative, you're not only investing the business, you're backing the people.

    Our founders are passionate, experienced, and ready to change the world of plant-based living.

    Damien Turner, Chief Executive Officer + Chief Operations Officer

    With over 13 years of experience in national operations across construction, infrastructure and food manufacturing, Damien is our business experience powerhouse.

    Damien has worked on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects, including introducing innovative robotic technologies to concrete demolition.

    After his own personal health transformation, Damien co-founded Garden of Vegan with the same values the business upholds today.

    Now, he leads our national cold logistics network, while leading research and development for plant technologies.

    Benjamin Walker, Co-Creative Director

    Benjamin is the face of Garden of Vegan; truly embodying the physical condition that an organic, plant-based diet can offer.

    He directed and owned a successful gym in Gold Coast, Australia for 15 years, bringing with him a total of 18 years experience within the health and fitness industry.

    As co-founder at Garden of Vegan, Benjamin has organically grown our social platforms to compete with the biggest players in our industry through online community engagement programs and initiatives.

    Melissa Phillips, Co-Creative, Education & People Director

    With a Masters Degree in Education and a Bachelor of Health Science, Mel is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience.

    She is passionate about bringing the Garden of Vegan mission to life through marketing, community engagement, and the culture of the business through management of its people.

    Everything from HR, content creation, copywriting, menu design, digital and print management, brand collaboration and influencer marketing - Mel is at the head of it all!

    Renee Samson, Head Chef

    You can't have chef-quality food without a chef!

    Meet Head Chef Renee, qualified chef with 14 years experience nationally and internationally.

    Chef Renee specialises in plant-based cuisine and has worked across both large scale and small scale food manufacturing.

    Most importantly at Garden of Vegan, Chef Renee is passionate about creating excellent tasting and nutritionally-dense food made from 100% plant-based wholefoods and alternatives.

    Invest in a Business Model worthy of Your Crowdfunding

    Our offering at Garden of Vegan is not just prepared meals. 

    We offer a complete nutritional solution, differentiating us from our industry competitors.

    Since inception in 2019, we have focused on solidifying the foundations required to sustain long-term growth as a leading health brand nationally with goals to break into the international market.

    Our business model is based on economy of scale, meaning we are able to decrease our per-unit cost of production as we grow to increase competitiveness, profit and boost our company's market share. 

    Some of our foundational achievements include:

    1. Building a large, loyal organic following equaling over 70k across our online platforms.

    2. Growing a qualified and passionate team of experts.

    3. Diversifying our revenue streams to include not only ready-made meals, but also produce boxes and pantry items.

    4. Proving the model of economy of scale over 3 years.

    6. Consistently improving margins and continuing to reinvesting in the business, through equipment, systems, marketing, and inventory.

    7. Strengthening local community relationships by going directly to farmers and producers, effectively cutting out the middle man.

    8. Implementing a custom built website with an expert digital partner for best UI and UX experience, with no limitations for future development.

    9. Acquiring innovative packaging, introducing plastic-free packaging in June 2023.

    Why Are We Crowdfunding?

    With our proven model, your investment will help us to:

    • Scale our operations to reach more Australians
    • Increase our profit margins
    • Gain more national market share
    • Strengthen our food chain with large scale supply contacts through our local producers
    • Invest in marketing to increase sales and ROI
    • Grow our B2B network
    • Hire key talent and fulfil essential roles within the company
    • Fund new products in consultation with leading health professionals
    • Explore the opportunities we have had from international players
    • Explore a secondary location servicing WA, NT and SA, providing more jobs, more localisation of produce and faster delivery

    Join the Plant Revolution: Invest in the Garden of Vegan Crowdfunding Opportunity

    At Garden of Vegan our team is passionate about human health and the preservation of the planet.

    We hope to inspire this and future generations to improve their health and reduce our impact on mother nature.

    Will you join us?


    (1) OD5478 Prepared Meals Production in Australia Industry Report. Nathan Cloutman | August 2021