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    5 Reasons Having A Whole Food Plant-Based Meal Service Will Change Your Life

    March 11, 2021

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    We are a meal delivery service providing 100% organic, whole-food, gluten & oil free and fully vegan meals. Signing up for meal delivery service can be a daunting task to many. The upfront cost seems scary, and you always tell yourself "I could just cook at home". The reality is, most of us end up with expiring food, piles of dishes, and take-out meals that are unhealthy and expensive. Here's how Garden of Vegan can really change your life.

    1. Calorie Controlled Meals

    When it comes to weight-loss or weight gain, the calories you consume is the deciding factor. Take-out food often doesn't have the calories listed, so you're left guessing. Weighing everything out at home just makes cooking even more of a hassle. Garden of Vegan take into consideration the wide variety of plant foods that are thriving with key nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals. All of which are required for optimum health.

    2. Healthy Food

    Garden of Vegan only source premium, certified organic, non GMO produce from local Australian farmers, which is better for our health and the health of the planet. Whether you are training to reach your next deadlift PR, managing a chronic lifestyle disease or illness, prepping for a marathon, or just trying to lose some weight.

    3. Time Is Money

    It might appear that a meal plan service is more expensive than cooking at home, but when you look at the reality, it might not actually add up that way. The time you spend every week planning for meals, shopping for groceries, cooking, and cleaning is staggering. And of course, when you're having a lazy day that whole budget gets blown when you order a single takeout meal for $30. Realistically, if you value your time as money, you will be saving money by investing in a meal plan service. Spend your time doing what you love!

    4. Coaching

    Garden of Vegan was founded to help people reach their goals, whatever they are. With the purchase of a meal plan, we are happy to consult with you regarding nutrition and fitness advise to help you get where you want to be.

    5. It Tastes Amazing

    We then deliver these delicious, nutrient-rich and fresh meals (We don’t freeze them: ever) straight to your door every week. We provide you with the healthiest choice when it comes to meal prep in Australia that is simple, convenient and delicious.

    Don't take my word for it though, order today and find out what life is like when you're on a proper diet and have 10+ more hours of free time per week!