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    Mystery Meal

    Mystery Meal

    382 Reviews

    Each week our team of chefs, cooks and prep cooks will be inspired by seasonal ingredients to create for you a special MYSTERY MEAL OF THE WEEK.

    So if you want to spice up your weekly meal plan and add some mystery to your life, then this is the meal for you. In the past, many of our mystery meals have soon become favourites on our menu. So please give us your feedback!

    Please note, if you do have dietary intolerances, this meal MAY CONTAIN soy, sesame seeds, tree nuts, peanuts, or any other certified organic whole food plant-based ingredient.

    Although we can't tell you what will be in each meal exactly, we can promises your myster meal of the week will be:
    -Oil Free
    -Gluten Free
    -Refined Sugar Free
    And... it will taste delicious! 

    Please refer to the nutritional label on the meal for the nutrition breakdown and ingredient list. 

    Stove Top

      1. Empty the meal into a saucepan.
      2. Add a splash of filtered water (approximately one tablespoon). You can add more water while cooking. This provides some moisture and helps prevent sticking. 
      3. Heat on medium heat until desired temperature has been reached.


      1. Our containers are safe to directly heat the meal up in your oven.
      2. Please make sure you remove the film on top of the meal before heating.
      3. Alternatively, you can place your meal onto an oven-safe dish to heat in oven.
      4. Add a splash of filtered water (approximately one tablespoon). This helps to retain moisture while heating.
      5. Heat at 180 degrees for 5-10 minutes depending on your oven.


    1. Pierce the film or slightly open the container, then heat for 1-3 minutes, depending on your microwave power.
    2. Let meal stand for one minute before removing film and eating.

    Freezing Options

      1. Make sure you freeze before the use by date.
      2. Once frozen, make sure you consume within 2-3 months.
      3. To cook from frozen, make sure you first defrost the meal in your refrigerator and then re-heat within 24 hours.
      4. Do not refreeze your meal.
      5. Follow normal heating instructions before consuming.

    Storing Your Meal

    1. Store your meals directly into your refrigerator apon receiving your delivery.
    2. Meals must be stored below 4 degress celsius.           
    3. Follow freezing options if you need to freeze your meals.


    Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars

    382 Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    382 Reviews

    July 13, 2024


    July 13, 2024


    Gosh I've already eaten this and forgot the name but it did not disappoint in flavour and satisfaction.

    July 12, 2024


    It was made with mushrooms which I don't like so I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the taste

    July 03, 2024


    This week was a "Peanut Veggie Noodle Salad"

    June 30, 2024