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Activated Cashew Nuts 500g

Activated Cashew Nuts 500g

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Cashews are a tasty, versatile seed that are jam packed with health benefits. Yes, they are classified as a seed and technically not a nut.

They assist in improving heart health, may reduce the risk of depression, support healthy brain functioning, improve digestion and increase nutrient absorption. Cashews are nutrient rich containing unsaturated fatty acids, are a good source of plant-based protein, contain dietary fibre, have many antioxidants, include minerals such as Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Iron, as well as Vitamin K, Vitamin B6 and so much more!

Cashews taste great in sweet and savoury dishes and are a great base or additive in many recipes.

Have you tried cashew nut milk yet...? So creamy and so easy to make.

More health benefits of cashews;
Helps combat heart disease, maintain bone health, support weight management, support healthy brain function, lower the risk of chronic lifestyle disease and illnesses, maintain healthy skin and so much more.


Allergen information: contains tree nuts (cashew).

Nutrition Details


Activated Organic cashews , Himalayan salt (for activation)

Nutrition Information
  • Serving Size: 500g
Qty per (100g) Qty per (500g)
Energy 2440Kj 12200Kj
Calories 583 2915cal
Protein 17g 85g
Fat Total 49g 245g
Saturated 8g 40g
Carbohydrate 16g 80g
Sugars 5g 25g
Dietary Fibre 3g 15g
Sodium 11mg 55mg

Stove Top

    1. Empty the meal into a saucepan.
    2.  Add a splash of filtered water (approximately one tablespoon). You can add more water while cooking. This provides some moisture and helps prevent sticking. 
    3. Heat on mendium heat until desired temperature has been reached.


    1. Our containers are safe to directly heat the meal up in your oven.
    2. Please make sure you remove the film on top of the meal before heating.
    3. Alternatively, you can place your meal onto an oven-safe dish to heat in oven.
    4. Add a splash of filtered water (approximately one tablespoon). This helps to retain moisture while heating.
    5. Heat at 180 degrees for 5-10 minutes depending on your oven.


1. Pierce the film or slightly open the container, then heat for 1-3 minutes, depending on your microwave power.
2. Let meal stand for one minute before removing film and eating.

Freezing Options

    1. Make sure you freeze before the use by date.
    2. Once frozen, make sure you consume within 2-3 months.
    3. To cook from frozen, make sure you first defrost the meal in your refrigerator and then re-heat within 24 hours.
    4. Do not refreeze your meal.
    5. Follow normal heating instructions before consuming.

Storing Your Meal

  1. Store your meals directly into your refrigerator apon receiving your delivery.
  2. Meals must be stored below 4 degress celsius.           
  3. Follow freezing options if you need to freeze your meals.


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50 Reviews

Customer Reviews

50 Reviews

February 15, 2024