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Wholesale Frequently Asked Questions

Why Garden of Vegan?

Mission statement: to inspire more conscious and abundant living through healthy consumerism that does not harm the health of the planet or the health of the individual.

People, planet and purpose is close to our hearts and we wish to educate Australians on the importance of spending their dollar more consciously; by supporting other local conscious businesses, the importance of incorporating more quality plant-based foods into their diet and the value in supporting organic farming practises for our futures.

Who are we?

4 Aussies; Damien, Mel, Druen and Benny who care about the future health of the planet and our current health status as humans.
Each Co-Founder works directly in the business along with many of their friends and family. We have created a beautiful culture and energy within Garden of Vegan. We pride ourselves on quality and high vibing food that does not cut any corners and supports other conscious and ethical local businesses.

We have each experienced our own unique health journeys, now coming together with a shared vision to support other Australians on theirs.

Our point of difference?

We don't use any additives or preservatives.
Every vegetable is peeled, washed and cooked with love and care, by real people.
All ingredients are 100% certified organic.

We don't cook with oil.
We don't use any refined sugars.

Everything is made fresh to order each week and we support local organic farmers.

We care about our employees and have a beautiful community culture within Garden of Vegan.

All Food waste and scraps get donated to local animal sanctuaries.
We donate leftover meals to the homeless or people in need.

We service NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, SA and WA soon to be Australia wide.

When do I need to order by each week?

By Monday 3pm AEST each week, for a delivery the following Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday depending on your deliverable area.

How do I track my delivery?

You will receive live updates via a text message. You will be notified with an expected arrival time the night before your delivery day, a notification an hour before delivery and one to confirm your box has been delivered.

Can I return the boxes and ice packs?

We currently don't collect boxes or ice packs on our delivery runs.
You can recycle the boxes and reuse the ice packs.

What should the RRP be?

RRP may vary store to store and is up to the manager's discretion.

How long do meals last for fresh?

A best before date is advertised on each individual meal.  

Can meals be frozen?

Yes. Customers can choose to eat meals fresh or freeze their meals. Meals need to be frozen before the best before date.

What temperature do they need to be stored at?

Meals need to be refrigerated at all times and should never go above 4 degrees celsius.

What happens when the expiry date is approaching?

You can choose to drop the price and potentially freeze meals.

Why organic?

Over time the implementation of chemical farming has led to widespread environmental destruction, specifically the depletion of nutrients from our soils and toxic pollution of our waterways creating a health crisis for humans and other living inhabitants.    

Buying certified organic means, you can guarantee that the produce you are purchasing has gone through the rigorous certification process and has been held to the highest standard of natural and safe farming practises. Certified organic produce is free from nasty herbicides, pesticides and toxic chemicals.

By choosing to eat organic you are contributing to a better world for all by minimising the use of unnecessary and toxic pesticides and fertilisers that have been introduced into modern non-organic farming practises. You are also helping to maintain the integrity and health of the soil as organic farmers nurture the environment around them and grow as nature intended, as naturally as humanly possible. At Garden of Vegan we believe in supporting the biodiversity and longevity of our ecosystem and guarantee that all our fresh produce and wholefood products are certified organic.

Are the meals Gluten free?

YES! All meals are Gluten Free.

Why plant-based wholefoods?

At garden of Vegan we believe that adopting a whole food plant-based diet is the key to living an abundant, conscious life that will improve your vitality, performance and has also been proven to help manage and minimise your risk of contracting chronic lifestyle diseases and illnesses.

All the nutrients your body needs to thrive on and function at an optimal level can be found from mother nature- simply, from whole foods and plants.

Why B12 Superfood Energy Balls?

Our B12 superfood balls are infused with BeHumane smoothie booster. This unique formula has been designed with by an Australian Doctor to include the 4 main nutrients that the majority of Australians are deficient in. Unlike other synthetic supplements made in isolation in a man made laboratory, the BeHumane Smoothie Booster is a natural way to supplement your diet, packed with essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids directly from plants, as mother nature intended. When supplements are synthetically made in isolation the nutritional profile has been diminished throughout the process meaning it is less effective as if it were consumed in its natural state as a complete whole food. The BeHumane smoothie booster is made from quality organic and Australian wholefoods. It contains Vitamin D in the form of Lichen, Iodine in the form of Organic Kelp and Omega 3’s in the form of Organic flax seeds and flax meal, and is fortified with Vitamin B12. We have infused these ingredients into delicious energy balls and recommend one ball day to meet your daily requirement of each supplement.

Head to our webpage to learn about our B12 Superfood bliss balls; 

Where are GOV meals cooked?

We are based in the beautiful sunny Gold-Coast

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