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Back-to-Health 6 Week Program

Embark on the most physically and mentally rewarding journey of your life.

Please note: This is a nutritionally intensive 6 week program. If you are looking
to order meals at your leisure please click here to go to our Order Now page

Commencing Early 2020

The program will include all of the food you will eat for 6 weeks.

Our program is based on the science of nutrition, and the countless studies done to show what a whole food plant based diet can do at radically changing your health for the better.

Our Program Includes;

100% of all your dietary intake for 6 weeks. Inc. breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats

'Before & After' blood tests (optional)

'Before & After' In-body Scan 

Private one-on-one consultation with renowned dietitian, and WFPB naturopath, Robyn Chuter

Phone support

Exclusive weekly live chats by a healthcare professional

Garden of Vegan approved recipes

Access to an exclusive online support group 

This 6-week nutrition program will be rolled out across the country in Early 2020. In preparation for that we are looking to trial our program with a small group of people wanting to transform their mind and body before Christmas.

Our program is built upon the evidence-based science of nutrition, and the countless studies done to show what a whole food plant based diet can do at radically changing your health for the better.


Commencing Early 2020.

Don’t miss out on this amazing intensive 6 week Program!

Is the program right for me?

- Do you want to optimise your health, achieve new fitness goals and feel supported in the process?
- Do you lack time preparing nutritious meals that meet your daily nutrient requirements?
- Are you looking to meet like minded people that also appreciate their health and fitness?
- Do you want to enjoy tasty, wholesome meals, and don’t want to worry about counting calories?
- Do you want to see your body transform into a healthier, leaner and fitter you?
- Are you busy coming up to Christmas, but don’t want to let your health suffer?

If you answered yes to any (or all!) of these, then this six week nutritionally intensive program is for you!

Our program is simple; we provide you with 100% of everything you will eat, for 6 weeks! We will train you 3 times a week, and provide you with access to a support group to motivate you through your transformation.

Every week you will receive a box filled with 21 freshly made meals, as well as a wide variety of organic tasty fruits and treats that will provide you with a complete nutritional package of everything your body needs, to truly thrive.

You will not need to calorie count, be concerned about measuring protein, fats, or fibre. You will not need to worry about being hungry or not having enough to eat. There is only one rule you must follow; You do not eat anything else - ONLY what we provide to you.

Commitment is the only thing you need to bring to the table, we will bring everything else.

All our ingredients are 100% certified organic, plant-based whole foods. We are oil free, gluten free, and we only use pure filtered water to clean and cook all our produce.


“I believe that Garden of Vegan is the revolution for Healthcare in Australia. Their 6 week nutrition program is probably the best initiative I know of that can easily, safely, and dramatically improve your overall health.”
~ Dr Andrew Little MD


“We must recognise nutrition as a cornerstone of our health-care system, not a footnote.”
~ T. Colin Campbell


At Garden of Vegan, we so passionately believe that a whole food plant-based (WFPB), oil free diet is the best for your health, simply because, science with overwhelming clarity shows it to be.

It isn’t a magical pill, a certain plant, or a special oil. It’s so simple; A WFPB diet filled with fruits and vegetables & a little bit of exercise!

Our head chef and co-founder Druen Dorn, has created a superb menu filled with a great variety of delicious home-cooked meals. We prepare and cook all our food in-house from the freshest ingredients. Through our 6 week program, we provide all of the food you will eat, inline with the ideal benchmarks of macro and micronutrients, as suggested by the worlds leading nutritional experts.

Every meal has a complete essential amino acid profile, are packed with plenty of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants from the 100% organic whole food ingredients. It is huge in fiber, high in complex carbohydrates, low in fat, and every single calorie comes from organic whole food plants!

Our 6 week program is built upon evidence-based nutritional science. We believe that your health is under your control, and that you have the power to improve it. We are here to help you find that power.

At the end of this program, you will have seen and felt the difference of how amazing a WFPB diet is for your health. This will be the leap you need to committing to maintain a healthy diet, for the long term.


Commencing Early 2020

Don’t miss out on this amazing intensive 6 week Program!

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