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Co-Founder Benny from Garden of Vegan, is an avid wholefood, plant-based eater. He has a 65-70% raw vegan diet, trains 4 times a weeks and works full time. To see a day in the life of Benny, and check out what is exactly fueling his body and this lifestyle, keep reading....

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The plant-based lifestyle and supplements

The plant-based lifestyle and supplements When transitioning to a plant-based diet or maintaining a whole food plant-based lifestyle, one of the first questions you may have is ‘what supplements do I need to add?’. Quite simply, every nutrient your body needs to survive and thrive on can be found in plants. To live your best life, all the evidence and research is now pointing towards eating a wholefood plant-based diet. In short, there is only one nutrient that we recommend supplementing with due to the nature of its origin and that’s Vitamin B12. Whether you are a vegan, a whole food plant-based veteran, a health conscious individual or a meat eater, Australians, in general, have shown low levels of Vitamin...

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5kg Fruit Box

Ideal to accompany you on your individual health journey, or can be shared in the workplace or amongst the family.
We understand that we all have different tastes and preferences. If you have any particular likes, dislikes or allergies, please let us know in the comments when checking out and we will try our best to meet your individual needs.