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What you need to know about Australia’s number one killer…

This month is Heart Research Month in Australia, with Thursday 14th February being ‘Wear Red Day’ to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease. The team at Garden Of Vegan are all wearing red this week in the hope to start many conversations around how small lifestyle choices like what food you choose to consume and how much physical activity you do a day, could prevent you or a loved one from dying prematurely, due to our biggest killer in Australia. Wear Red Day was established by Heart Research Australia, a group of Royal North Shore Hospital cardiologists with the aim to reduce the high mortality rates around heart disease. Currently, in Australia, Heart Disease is the leading cause of death, accounting...

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HEAL THY self with Garden of Vegan - Top 10 tips to a healthy you this 2020

Have you ever thought of the word HEALTHY before? I mean really sat down and thought about what it means.  We get told on the daily by health professionals and alike what healthy is meant to look like, feel like, sound like and smell like. Is being healthy measured by your physical physique? Is the answer the latest supplement product on the market? What about the amount of processed foods I consume?There is so much misleading information out there that contradicts one another, so what does it actually mean to be healthy? And is this true for everyone? If you break up the word healthy, it reads heal thy. HEAL THY! The answer to a healthier and happier you this...

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