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    Starting Healthy Habits

    January 13, 2024

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    Starting Healthy Habits: Every day is a great day to improve or maintain your health

    Do you have health goals? We have some great information for you!

    Starting healthy habits is not about perfection. It's about getting the knowledge, help, and motivation to get started and keep those habits.
    Note: Please, consult with your medical professional first before you change your health habits, exercise routines, or more as the information below might not be suitable for everyone.

    Here are some of the healthy habits recommended by professionals:

    Establish healthy sleep patterns.

    Good sleep is so important, that according to the NIH, "people who do not sleep enough or wake up often during the night may have a higher risk of Coronary heart disease, High blood pressure, Obesity, and Stroke". Plus sleep affects your metabolism and not getting enough quality sleep can lead to problems such as decreased ability to respond to insulin as well as an increase in consumption of food, especially fatty, sweet, and salty foods, as well as other maladies. 1.

    Manage and Reduce Stress

    Stress is bad for the body. Studies have shown stress "can serve as a trigger for a heart attack or angina in some people. Stress can contribute to high blood pressure and other heart disease risk factors." And if people use unhealthy methods to deal with stress such as smoking, overeating, or using substances, their health problems can multiply. Luckily there are many methods to healthily remove stress in our daily lives. See Manage stress for examples, including being physically active!2.

    Maintain exercise and physical activities

    Becoming active is not just for weight and diabetes control but has numerous other benefits such as cardiovascular health, coordination, and balance, and helping reduce stress. Plus, exercise or physical activities can be fun with friends, even if it's a simple activity such as walking. According to the NIH, "All adults should set a long-term goal to accumulate at least 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, and preferably all, days of the week". Want some suggestions on exercises, see Guide to Physical Activity - National Institutes of Health
    Note: this might not be possible for all, so never start any new exercise program without consulting your doctor first.3.

    Eat healthy food

    Eating healthy food is not just about weight management but also getting the proper nutrients for your body including the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and all the building blocks for your body such as protein. And, according to the NIH, "A healthy eating plan also will lower your risk for heart disease and other health conditions." Plus, if you have exercise goals, a good balanced diet can help with muscle repair, muscle growth, recovery, and even support good energy levels.4.

    However, for some people, building healthy eating habits might not be so easy due to time constraints or limitations on cooking or physical ability.

    Garden of Vegan can help you with your health goals by making it easier for you to eat healthy foods:

    1. Garden of Vegan delivers healthy, plant-based ready-made meals across Australia. Leave the food cooking to us!

    2. Garden of Vegan also delivers healthy sides, pantry items, and fresh produce boxes.

    So when you don't have the time or energy to prepare healthy food, let us help you improve and maintain your health. We care about your health and the health of the planet. And, we focus on creating balanced meals full of vitamins and nutrients! All Garden of Vegan delicious meals, sides, and produce boxes are certified organic and dairy-free, gluten-free, additive-free, and preservative-free. So you know you will be getting delicious meals, sides, and snacks that are super healthy as well.

    Unable to create healthy food and you are an NDIS participant? No problem! Garden of Vegan works with the NDIS program too.

    Garden of Vegan's customers, including NDIS participants, can rest assured that our organic meals, produce, and pantry items are 100% organic and nutritious! And, NDIS participants only pay for the food cost component of the meals they order. NDIS participants and NDIS plan managers can learn more about Garden of Vegan NDIS plans and healthy meal delivery by filling out our NDIS form and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

    We want people to be healthy! We are continually changing our menus and expanding our nutrition information online! Join our Newsletter and read our blog.

    Stay up to date with Garden of Vegan and you can enjoy health information and facts 100% free. And, you can also learn about the latest Garden of Vegan news, new meals, discounts, and more!

    Additional health information from Garden of Vegan

    Garden of Vegan Vitamin Guide:
    Learn more about healthy foods and how you can increase your vitamin intake with healthy meals, sides, sauces, desserts, and pantry items at the Garden of Vegan Vitamin Guide.

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