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    Robyn Chuter Episode #4 - Instant benefits after going plant-based

    February 05, 2020

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    A wholefood plant-based lifestyle has a been shown to have a number of physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and cultural benefits for the individual and their well-being.
    In this episode, Benny asks Robyn to explain what some of the immediate physical health effects would be for someone eating a plant-based diet, within the first 4-8 weeks. The results she has seen firsthand in her clients will amaze you. You really do start looking and feeling better pretty much within the first week. In some cases the first 48 hours. I can vouch for that!

    Robyn states that it really doesn’t take long at all for her to start noticing the difference in her clients. By removing all animal products and bi-products from their diets and by increasing the number of quality plant-based wholefoods they consumed, majority of individuals feel better almost immediately and the plethora of alignments, conditions and issues they once just put up with, start easing and in some cases cease to exist any more. Some of her clients had reporting feeling and better within the first 48 hours. It really is that instantaneous.  
    In her experience, she said some people may feel worse in the first few days and experience a detox reaction. This is very normal and often caused by caffeine, sugar or salt withdrawals. Depending on your diet before adopting a wholefood plant-based one, will determine what symptoms may present or how heavy your detox response is.
    Generally, within the first week or so, most people will start feeling and seeing immediate effects. From her experience, Robyn’s clients have said; “I feel lighter when I finish a meal, I’m satisfied but I don’t feel weighed down, I have more energy, I think more clearly, I’m sleeping better and my athletic performance has improved.”

    Her clients also reported that their chronic constipation had cleared up. Robyn also found that most people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) had seen an improvement dramatically in their symptoms and the health of their stools over a short period of time. Overall, better stools, in general, had been reported after going plant-based by most of her clients. Some individuals who suffered from regular bouts of diarrhoea or had displayed IBS signs or symptoms were encouraged by Robyn to increase their fibre intake more slowly and monitor their bowel motions.
    Robyn states that going to the bathroom once a week is just not ok. One-three times a day is a healthy amount of time to go to the bathroom. Stools should also be formed according to Robyn; not too soft, not runny, not too hard, but just right!

    Chronic migraine sufferers started to feel better, sleep better and their pain eased.

    The skin of the majority of her clients cleared up, less breakout presented and more colour in their complexion had been observed. Robyn explained that skin tone and skin colour improves dramatically when you feed your cells with highly nutritious foods. To have good skin tone, you need good microcirculation which you get from colourful fruits and veggies. That ‘glow’ comes from eating foods from the rainbow according to Robyn.

    I know after going Plant-based myself, the most immediate response I noticed was the dramatic increase of energy I had. I was waking up before my alarm went off, my sleeps were deeper and more fulfilling and I required less sleep. My skin cleared up and I got that ‘glow’ Robyn spoke about and I learnt what a real, healthy poo actually felt like and looked like. I couldn’t believe I had it so wrong for 25 years of my life. The benefits just kept coming and I knew this was not a fad diet.

    What these immediate results tell me is that by eating plant-based or by being a healthy vegan, you really are not just adopting a short-term trend or fad diet, you are establishing healthy habits and creating a lifestyle.

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