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    Head Over Hooves Ep #06- How can you help?

    July 09, 2020

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    Do you want to contribute to animal welfare but can’t adopt or house one yourself? Have you thought of sponsoring?

    In episode six of the Head over Hooves educational series, Victoria shared with Benny the story of Little Jimmy and how you can help sponsor him or a rescue animal like him.

    Meet little Jimmy...

    Little Jimmy was the first rescued animals on the Head Over Hooves farm located in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Little Jimmy was rescued on Victoria and Julian’s travels to the farm when they first moved up from Victoria nearly two years ago. 
    Read his full story here.

    Little Jimmy was found running down the centre of a highway when he was a newborn lamb. Abandoned, and left to his own accord. 

    For the first three days of rescuing little Jimmy he stayed in the car, sleeping down Julians’ shirt so he could be kept warm at night. 

    Victoria stated that Little Jimmy is now their sheep ambassador at Head Over Hooves Farm Haven. You can find him on their logo.

    She also explained that Jimmy is very gentle lamb. Due to the trauma he experienced at the start of his life, he is now very little compared to most other sheep. This means he required lots of care and nourishing foods. He also received alot of rehabilitation for the first few months on the farm. 

    Victoria said that Little Jimmy's favourite thing to do now, is to spend his day with his friends on the farm. His best friend is Sophie and his dad-like figure is Miles. The three of them sleep in their very own little bedroom together every night.
    All three of them are a very special little trio, Victoria explained. 

    Little Jimmy has never forgotten the fact that if it wasn’t for Julian who rescued him and nursed him back to health, he may not be here. Victoria said that he is a daddy’s boy. Little Jimmy loves his dad and loves his cuddles even more.

    Little Jimmy does have special dietary requirements. He is intolerant to grains just like most people these days. Grains make Little Jimmy very sick, so he gets a special breakfast and dinner everyday, completely grain-free according to Victoria.

    Garden of Vegan supply Head over Hooves and animals like Little Jimmy with lots of organic food scraps weekly to help meet their individual dietary needs. 


    So, do you want to help rescue animals like little Jimmy?
    You can go to Head Over Hooves website and read more about his story and learn how you can become a sponsor for him.

    When becoming a sponsor for Little Jimmy you will receive many updates about what he has been up to around the farm and how he is going. 

    Head over Hooves also have open days and volunteering days where you can get up close and personal with all the residents and experience a day on the farm.

    To learn more about animal rescue in your local area, check out your local RSPCA, animal welfare center or animal rescue organisations.

    To learn more about what Head over Hooves are doing or how you can help, head to;

    Or reach out to Victoria on social media @headoverhoovesfarmhaven