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    Head Over Hooves Ep #05 - Meet wise old Matilda

    July 01, 2020

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    Victoria from Head over Hooves Farm Haven, a family run animal sanctuary located in northern NSW, shares with us the story behind little old lady Matilda, the wise goat.

    Matilda is roughly 12-13 years of age.
    Before moving to Head over Hooves, she spent her whole life living with her sister on a rural farm.
    Unfortunately a wild dog got onto the property and killed her sister leaving Matilda severely mauled and in need of care.
    When Head over Hooves adopted her, she was still recovering. She was very badly injured, scared, and traumatised by the incident.
    Victoria stated that it took a long time for her to settle into her new loving home. They had to work extremely hard to earn her trust and rehabilitate her.
    The old lady Matilda, has no teeth and requires a very specific diet due to this.
    She loves the organic scraps Garden of Vegan provides her weekly as well as fruits, especially melons as they are super soft.
    Victoria explained how beautiful natured Matilda is. This mumma goat is actually pretty boss!
    She has 4 other close goat friends on the property that she looks after and keeps in line.

    Matilda is one of the animals on the Head over Hooves website that can be sponsored.
    Monthly sponsorship for Matilda goes towards her feed costs, medical bills and her overall general living expenses.

    To learn more about what Head over Hooves are doing or how you can help, adopt or sponsor an animal head to;

    Or check out Victoria on social media @headoverhoovesfarmhaven