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    Head Over Hooves Ep #04 - Meet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Georgie Boy

    June 23, 2020

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    Benny from Garden of Vegan sits down with Victoria from Head over Hooves Farm, a family run animal sanctuary located in northern NSW. 

    In this episode of the short series, Victoria shares with Benny the background of Georgie boy and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, two best mates who reside at Head over Hooves. 

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow the pig, was the first animal rescued at Head over Hooves.
    He was rescued by Victoria and Julian from the local pound.
    As the property backs onto the border ranges, Victoria needed Julian to build a safe enclosure for Henry before she brought him home.
    The reason Henry needed a custom built enclosure was to ensure that he was well protected from surrounding dingoes, pythons and other dangerous wildlife.
    Victoria and Julian ensure all the animals on the farm get locked into their bedrooms each night for their safety. This way no intruders can disturb them or hurt them during the night.

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is an amazing boy, according to Victoria. He is now 2 years old and such a playful and unique character.
    He was adopted by Head over Hooves from the local pound, after rangers were called to collect him. Henry was reported to be running on the side of a busy road, abandoned and neglected. The rangers found him and then brought him to the pound, where Victoria rescued him.
    3 months later, another pig was rescued and brought to the same pound. The second pig is now known as Georgie boy. His rescue story differs to Henry, but sadly is a very common story according to Victoria.
    A lady brought him from a local pig breeder and was keeping him in her apartment as she wanted a pet pig.
    This is not a safe or natural environment for a piglet at all.
    When neighbours found out about this, they reported her to the local council. The council then acted and had to impound him. It is illegal to keep a pig in a residential area, especially in an apartment building.
    The proud rang Victoria after they rescued him, as they were really worried about Georgie boy. He was not eating, he was pacing the walkingways and he was very stressed in his current environment.
    Victoria brought him home and settled him into his new environment. A soon as Georgie boy and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow laid eyes on each other, They became best mates instantly.
    The two pigs are now thriving, living in harmony and in nature as intended.

    These two rescues became long term residents at Head over Hooves, but Victoria and Julian can not safely or sustainably keep all their rescued animals. They need the communities' help in re-homing them. 

    “Something that is really special is when you do actually get to re-home them and you get these updates from families that are just so in love with these animals and are taking such good care of them…
    Thats a really, really special moment to… actually getting to follow their journey.” Said Victoria.

    Victoria stated that a big part of sustaining a sanctuary is re-homing animals. 

    The more animals that can be re-homed means the more animals can be saved. Victoria said that they get calls from the pound regularly asking if they are at capacity. 

    She stated that there are so many farm animals at pounds. Many sanctuaries are at capacity, which can be heartbreaking.

    48 animals have been rescued by Head over Hooves within just one year.

    Benny stated that it is not just dogs and cats at the pound, but farm animals as well.
    Victoria said that if you live rurally and can accomodate farm animals, you could easily call the pound or your local animal sanctuary and adopt, providing a loving and safe home.

    Farm animal need are no different to that of any other animal or human for that matter. They require nutritious food, a safe place to sleep, connection to nature or other farm animals alike, and general daily care.

    Did you know that Garden of Vegan donate all their organic food scraps each week to local animal sanctuaries and farms like Head over Hooves? Rather than see the organic matter go to waste or land fill, Garden of Vegan help feed animals in need and help to keep sanctuaries like Head over Hooves operating.

    Victoria shared with Benny that Clark Kent rooster absolutely loves the organic cauliflower, kale and broccoli. 

    To learn more about animal rescue in your local area, check out your local RSPCA, animal welfare center or animal rescue organisations.

    To learn more about what Head over Hooves are doing or how you can help, head to;

    Or check out Victoria on social media @headoverhoovesfarmhaven