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    Head Over Hooves Ep #03 - Meet little Jimmy, the rescued baby lamb

    June 11, 2020

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    Benny from Garden of Vegan sits down with Victoria from Head over Hooves Farm, a family run animal sanctuary located in northern NSW. 

    In episode 3 of this short series, Victoria shares a story with Benny about how they found little Jimmy, a baby lamb who was abandoned on the side of the road, that now features on the head over Hooves logo and is somewhat their mascot.

    Victoria and her partner Julian moved to Northern NSW from Victoria over 18 months ago to start Head over Hooves.
    One day during their travel up, Julian approached the town of Forbes located in NSW on dusk. He spotted a number of vehicles swerving on and off the road, which appeared very strange. Julian noticed a new born lamb running down the center of the main road, which was little Jimmy. No one was stopping and the little baby lamb was definitely not safe. Julian made the decision to slow down and safely put on his breaks. He jumped out of his car and grabbed the baby lamb without question, as three very large trucks were soon to approach the area.

    Julian then called Victoria straight away. He explained the situation of how he picked up a baby lamb in the middle of the road, not knowing if he was hurt or malnourished. At this point, it was dark, Julian was days away from their new home and in the middle of nowhere. Victoria frantically called up some vets that were close by. She ended up getting in contact with a lovely woman from Dubbo in NSW who met Julian at the Veterinary clinic late that night. She checked Jimmy over and gave him some formula.

    For the next three days and nights little Jimmy spent his time sleeping on Julians chest, trying to keep warm. 

    After nearly 18 months now at the farm, little Jimmy continues to grow and is known as the upbeat and happy little sheep . Victoria expresses that Jimmy is an amazing little boy and they feel very lucky to have his energetic personality with them on the farm

    Victoria can’t comprehend how so many people driving that night didn't think to carefully pull over and help the tiny, infant lamb.

    Benny stated that if most Australians had a greater understanding about and connection to a variety of animals, then they would invest a greater amount of energy and effort to assist, protect and support them. He used the example of a dog or a cat. If a domestic pet like a baby dog or cat was running down the middle of a road, humans would be more inclined to stop and help the animal. It is a shame this mentality differs from domestic animals to farm animals. 

    “It’s just about educating that all animals can be looked after and we can all do it”. Stated Benny.
    Coming in contact with a farm animal like a sheep may be overwhelming for some people who have only grown up with domestic animals. Benny feels that if we are educated on what to do in this instance, more people may come to the rescue for all animals like little Jimmy.
    An injured, abandoned or lost dog for example could be taken to the pound or vet, it’s collar could be checked and local lost and found groups could be notified. Whereas helping a lost or injured farm animal may not appear as easy.

    Victoria stated that if you find any animal you can always call a ranger, the local vet or even call the police if you are not sure, as they could point in the right direction and provide the right contact to call.

    As another living being, we have an obligation to help other living beings if they are unfit to tend to themselves, or if they are in trouble, abandoned or just might need some help. “If something or someone needs help then we almost have an obligation in a way, to provide as much assistance or help as we can without having to receive anything in return”. Stated Ben.

    Victoria concluded by stating “If you adopt a dog or cat from the pound you're making a lifelong commitment to that animal, so it's about making a commitment.. you are saying you are going to care for them for their whole natural life”. 

    To learn more about animal rescue in your local area, check out your local RSPCA or animal welfare or animal rescue organisations.


    To learn more about what Head over Hooves are doing or how you can help, head to;

    Or check out Victoria on social media @headoverhoovesfarmhaven