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    Ep #1 - Real health and fitness with Tim and Mel from Globe Health Club Gold Coast

    March 04, 2020

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    Benny from Garden of Vegan has been working within the fitness industry for over 18 years. He is a firm believer that fitness and health go hand in hand and one can’t be achieved without the other.
    Benny attributes his fitness success to his lifestyle choices that have evolved over time. The elimination of refined processed foods has been a key component along side eating an organic wholefood plant-based diet.
    Benny has also learnt to increase the amount of good quality water per day that he consumes and to engage in daily breathing exercises. These three things in combination have helped to promote better quality sleep, have improved recovery time and have allowed Benny to stay focused and motivated in achieving his fitness and health goals.

    Benny sits down with Tim and Mel from Globe Health Club on the Gold Coast to discuss the importance of health when it comes to training and that just because you might look good, it does not necessarily mean you are well on the inside. Tim and Mel both believe that health needs to be prioritised when training, specifically the types of foods you are consuming and their nutritional compounds.

    Tim is a fitness professional and the business owner of Globe Health Club on the Gold Coast. He is a qualified Marine Biologists, a PADI Dive Master, qualified Personal Trainer and one heck of a break dancer. He has been a passionate bodybuilder and trainer for over 20 years, and has optimised his training and health since going plant-based. Tim was once an avid carnivore. He said to Benny that in his early days of training he was on a 'see-food' diet. Everything he saw, he would eat. His goals were to eat as much as he could in his quest to gain weight. This mentality towards his fitness and body goals, took a massive toll on his health. He was tired all the time, had gained weight, had inflammation around the joints and was not performing at an optimal level. His training was not progressing, he was sleeping horribly and his gains came to a grinding halt.

    He sought some professional advice, and the results showed high inflammation markers, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and overactive protein just to name a few. His health status at this point was not good.

    After doing his research he decided it was time to go plant-based for his health. Tim found that quite literally overnight he started feeling better. It really was that instantaneous according to Tim.
    He saw an increase in his strength, his recovery time was less, his energy skyrocketed and he got lean very quickly.
    Tim stats that “just because someone looks great doesn't mean they are feeling great”.

    He also believes that a lot of people within the industry have dropped the health part in health and fitness and are only focused on the fitness part. He believes that to be the best you can be, you need to feel your best to then look and perform at your best.

    Mel is a professional Natural Bodybuilding Competitor who's achievements include local, national and world Figure Pro Champion. In the world titles in Dubai 2015, Mel paced 1st in Figure International Short, 2nd in Figure International Overall and placed 1st for Pro Physique internationally.
    Mel is also a Fitness Model, Personal Trainer, Dry Needling Specialist, Remedial Massage Therapist and full time mum.

    Although performing at an elite level and being regarded highly within the industry, Mel has struggled figuring out the whole food side of things when it comes to her training and what is right for her body. She has tried many diets, trialled and tested numerous health fads and done a lot of research on nutrition. For years she has been focussed on elimination diets to try to find the right lifestyle for her and her training. 

    A serious car injury not long after her world competition in June 2015, saw Mel's training and health suffer. Her body required a lot of healing and rehabilitation throughout the past 4.5 years.
    Mel found that she was not recovering at all, had significant pain and was unable to train for a long period of time. After doing more research she turned to a plant-based diet which started the healing process.

    Now she is able to train again and the pain in her joints has ceased.
    She has found that her recovery time has decreased since being plant-based and her strength has improved. More importantly she is feeling well and her health is starting to get back on track.  

    Mel hopes to re-enter competitive Bodybuilding late this 2020.

    Do you want to increase your lean muscle mass?
    Are you looking to loose weight?
    Do you want to optimise your training and performance?
    Do you have specific health goals that aren't getting met on your current diet?
    Do you want to know if more protein will help your gains?
    Are you calorie counting and worried about your macro and micro nutrients?

    Learn about all of this and more. 

    In the following episodes, Benny will dive deeper into Tim and Mel’s personal health journeys and they will address the following in more detail;
    -Health vs fitness
    -Mental health
    -Plant-based nutrition

    Be sure to stay tuned…

    Check out Tim’s Gym at; 

    or go to @goldcoastfitnesssouthport 

    To learn more about Mel head over to her instagram page; @melmaree44