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    Ep 2: Environmental Health

    June 22, 2021

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    Ian Willlis, Farmer and Co-founder of Sylva Linings Organics, located in the Northern Rivers of NSW, shares with the team at Garden of Vegan, his philosophy behind organic farming, sustainability and our current health status.

    During Garden of Vegans’ visit to the farm, Ian explained that it is a shared responsibility for us as the current caretakers of the land, to work with nature.

    Ian believes that it is the responsibility of our generations today, to rehabilitate what previous generations have done to nature, mainly through their ignorance.

    This is reinforced by the infamous Zach Bush MD. Zach believes that chemical farming and the oversaturation of GMO’s are the direct culprits for our current health epidemic.

    “In human history, we have never seen an explosion of chronic disease equivalent to today’s health crisis.” Zach Bush MD.

    Zach Bush MD is a physician who specialises in medicine, hospital care and endocrinology. He is an internationally recognised educator and thought provoking leader within the fields of health, disease and our food system.

    In many of Zach’s podcast appearances and from the education he presents, it can be concluded that the use of chemicals such as Roundup and many new products used in combination for the benefit of GMO production, have been designed to work against nature. This advancement in technology has led to the mass killing of weeds, the elimination of pests, resulting in higher yields for farmers. Technology has evolved chemicals over time, including the machinery used to distribute them to make it ‘easier’ for farmers. This inturn has forever altered the soil, consequently altering the genome of the microbiome of plants, weeds, animals and humans as the consumers.

    The consequences of our miss use or ignorance when it comes to technology has created a global deprivation of nutrients at all levels of biology on earth.

    Zach states that “We have spent centuries, if not millennia, assuming that we are the ordained masters of nature, free to exploit, manipulate, and with domineering force, extract her resources for our own comfort and wealth. With the advent of the GMO epoch, we have accelerated our capacity to manipulate nature at a rate unimaginable in any other time. Today, we are seeing the consequences of our meddling.”

    1 in 4 people suffer from allergies*
    1 in 3 people are obese*
    1 in 2 people will face cancer before they die*
    Autism spectrum disorder has risen from 1 in 5000 children in 1975, to 1 in 36 in 2016 and we are on target to experience 1 in 3 children with Autism by 2035.*

    To learn more about the GMO Debate, Dangers of Genetic Engineering and the Impact to Soil,Plants and People, head to;

    Australian Organic Farmer, Ian Willis stated that “We need to use technology but not technology to destroy nature. We need to use technology to help us manage nature naturally.”

    To learn more about Sylva Linings Organic Farm, head to; 
    Or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.