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    Ep 1: Soil Biodiversity

    June 09, 2021

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    Ian Willlis, Farmer and Co-founder of Sylva Linings Organics, shared with the team at Garden of Vegan, some of his knowledge and expertise when it comes to organic farming and the future health of the planet.

    In this mini education series with Ian, he explains the link between life, health and soil biodiversity.

    Sylva Linings is an
    independently and family run Certified Organic and Bio-dynamic Farm, located on the northern rivers in NSW.

    Ian and his wife Sylva have a passion for providing their family and the local community with nourishing chemical free produce that helps to give back to the environment. They believe in genuine regenerative farming practises, producing premium mineral & nutrient rich produce that helps to not only optimise human health but re-educated us all on the importance of farming and organic farming principles.

    Ian’s passion for health and the future sustainability of our planet was made very clear. He left his successful corporate lifestyle many years ago, to live sustainably off the land and to start with with mother nature.

    Ian believes organic farming truly is the answer to our future. He stated;
    “... not only are you feeding and regenerating the soil but you are feeding and regenerating it for the people that live from it.”

    Ian also strongly believes that supporting organics is not just about the absence of poison or dangerous herbicides or pesticides.

    He believes it is about the addition of nutrients found in organic foods compared to that of conventional crops.

    He affirmed that things like the addition of crushed minerals is something our soils are so depleted of due to modern farming practices.

    If adding anything to natural farming practises, Ian recommends we should be adding in lost minerals to the soil, not dangerous and damaging man made chemicals. The addition of minerals in our soil will not only help support the health of the soil and its biodiversity, it will ultimately result in a more nutrient dense crop. This means more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflamatory fighting properties may be found in our fruits and vegetables.

    Ian explains that people need to make the connection between soil and health. He stated “...soil is not a dead inert object. It’s actually teaming with life and there are so many symbiotic relationships between all the insects and animals in the soil and the plants that grow there.”

    To learn more about Sylva Linings Organic Farm, head to; 
    Or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.