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    Bio-Organic Farm Ep #1- Why Organic Farming?

    March 30, 2020

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    In part one of this three part series, we learn a little about Oogie, his family and their why behind the Bio-Organic Farm.

    Uriah, also known as Oogie, is a second generation farmer at the Bio Organic Farm in Murwillumbah. Oogie still works alongside his father Zehavit and his mother Daniella.
    Oogie, his wife Shyamli, also known as Basil and their son Leon eat, live and breathe all things organic and community. 

    Oogie has over 20 workers and family members who help him on the organic property daily to ensure they meet the demands of the beautiful community that surrounds them.

    Oogie and his family migrated to Australian in 2001, now providing many families and small local businesses with premium quality, naturally grown bio-organic produce. They service from northern NSW up to the Gold Coast and surrounds.

    Oogie and his father Arvi are passionate about organics and believe certified organic farming is the only way to farm as it helps protect and preserve the land and allows future generations to keep farming on that same land. Soil health is paramount when farming. Organic farming helps maintain the integrity of the soil keeping it nutrient rich and always looked after. 

    Arvi is super excited to be able to provide his son and one day hopefully their son with beautiful fertile land that they can live off and work off.

    Arvi believes the beauty of organic farming is truly depicted by the fact you can keep farming and producing crops yield after yield without the use of dangerous chemicals, just how mother nature intended.

    The use of dangerous chemicals when farming is not only detrimental to their farmers health directly but the longevity and health of the crop and the soil surrounding it. Not to mention the waterways that adjoin the farming land.

    Both Arvi and Oogie have chosen to become a Australian Certified Organic Farm as it is the safest and most sustainable way of farming. Arvi states “My son can grow in the soil, his son can grow… and this is the beauty of organics”. 

    To become certified in Australia it is a very strict process. The certified board come and assesses your soil for contaminants,  all water supplies, they look at things like PH levels and conduct a thorough chemical analysis of everything. They also look at the history of the land and all present and future plans. This took Arvi and Oogie quite a few years to get their certification as it is not just dependant on their growing land, but all surrounding land. 

    At Garden of Vegan, we are massive advocates for Organic farming and love supporting local farms like the Bio-Organic Farm. We know directly where our loyal consumers' money is going and we can trust we are providing them with the highest quality produce that has their health in mind and the future health of the planet.

    We encourage you to support local organic farmers and do your research on organic farming practises when compared to conventional farming. 

    Learn more about the Bio-Organic farm at;