The Garden of Vegan Difference

100% Certified Organic

We understand the importance of knowing exactly what you are consuming. That's why all of our ingredients are 100% certified organic.

Gluten Free

100% Gluten Free

All of our ingredients are sourced from local organic farms. Ensuring we support the Australian economy and Australians.

Larger Meals

Garden of Vegan know how important it is to you that prepared meals are filling and substantial.

The majority of our meals are 450 grams in size ensuring your appetite is satiated. Most other meal prep companies meals are around 350g.

Australian Made Ingredients

All of our fresh produce is sourced from local organic farms. Ensuring we support the Australian economy and Australian farmers.

The Founders

Garden of Vegan was started by four humble Aussie blokes, united with our dedication for health, our love for animals and our passion for great food.

We want to create a more conscious world of peace and vitality free from suffering and sickness.

This is why we have put so much time and effort into designing our business, from the ingredients in each meal, the farmers and growers that supply us, to the packaging that your food comes in.
We haven’t cut any corners because we believe that your health and the health of our planet is of up-most importance.

5kg Fruit Box

Ideal to accompany you on your individual health journey, or can be shared in the workplace or amongst the family.
We understand that we all have different tastes and preferences. If you have any particular likes, dislikes or allergies, please let us know in the comments when checking out and we will try our best to meet your individual needs.