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Why Organic

Over time the implementation of chemical farming has led to widespread environmental destruction, specifically the depletion of nutrients from our soils and toxic pollution of our water ways creating a health crisis for humans and other living inhabitants.    

Buying certified organic means, you can guarantee that the produce you are purchasing has gone through the rigorous certification process and has been held to the highest standard of natural and safe farming practises. Certified organic produce is free from nasty herbicides, pesticides and toxic chemicals.

By choosing to eat organic you are contributing to a better world for all by minimising the use of unnecessary and toxic pesticides and fertilisers that have been introduced into modern non-organic farming practises. You are also helping to maintain the integrity and health of the soil as organic farmers nurture the environment around them and grow as nature intended, as naturally as humanly possible. At Garden of Vegan we believe in supporting the biodiversity and longevity of our ecosystem and guarantee that all our fresh produce and wholefood products are certified organic.

Want to know more about organic farming…

Organic plant-based foods are rich in polyphenols. In short, polyphenols are a natural defence mechanism that plants use to fight off environmental threats like insect attacks and extreme environmental conditions. Humans consuming organic produce are more likely to consume plants rich in polyphenols compare to those plants which are sprayed with herbicides or toxic chemicals. Polyphenols have been found to help humans fight off their own threats and extreme conditions in their body which mimic that of a threat to the plants who built the resistance up. For example, polyphenol compounds are powerful and high in antioxidants and can neutralise free radicals, reduce inflammation and slow the growth of tumours. 

Still not convinced…

The team at Garden of Vegan live a low tox life and encourage our family, friends and dedicated clients to do the same. By choosing to eat organic you are dramatically reducing the amount of chemicals consumed by you and your family daily.
We know that the ideal diet means incorporating more plants and more fresh produce.
We also know that organic produce when compared to non organic produce has been said to contain higher levels of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and general nutrient profiles.  

At Garden of Vegan we believe in supporting local certified organic famers that work hard to provide us with the highest quality, naturally farmed produce. We pride ourselves on collaborating with reputable farmers that we trust and communicate with regularly around their seasonal produce on offer.

Every time you support an organic farmer, you are consciously spending your dollar and encouraging the growth of more organic produce.
The more organic farming land we have, the less pollution and poisoned we will become as a society.
It’s more then just our health, but the health and vitality of the planet.

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