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Why no oil, refined sugar or gluten

”…Theres only one diet that’s ever been shown to reverse advance coronary artery disease, to actually unblock peoples arteries. To take those little lumps of plaque, cholesterol ladened plaque, that are clogging up peoples arteries and causing heart attacks and strokes and angina… and actually melt those plaques down. Only one diet has been shown to do that. Its been published in peer review medical studies, it’s been confirmed with angiograms, pet scans and all the rest of it. And that’s a wholefood plant based diet. Very low in fat, less that 10% calories of fat, with NO OIL.” -Robyn Chuter 2019

So why no oil…

At Garden of Vegan we believe in eating a diet as natural as possible with limited processing. Oil is a highly refined processed food. We can all agree that most processed food today is considered to be ‘junk foods’ and not good for our health.

Oil is not a whole food nor is it found naturally in nature. Yes natural foods contain oils when eaten as a whole food, which is as they are intended to be consumed. Nutrients are better absorbed and utilised in the body when ingested as a whole food.

Did you know it would take approximately 40 olives to get one tablespoon of olive oil?

Our early ancestors where not extracting oil from wholefoods via the rigorous cold pressing method. They were eating oils straight from nature. We encourage you to eat fresh organic olives and skip the added oil.

Adding oil to our foods or when cooking is simply detrimental to our health.

Oil is extremely high in saturated fat adding unnecessary calories.
It can interfere with artery function, blood sugar regulation and weight management.

It is not needed in our diet, it has no health benefits and is deprived of its nutrients in the refining process.

Why no sugar?

We know that sugar is also junk food. But why do we classify it as a junk food? Sugar originally comes from a wholefood which is full of nutrients. That whole food, for example sugar cane, is refined. All the fibre, vitamins and minerals are removed to produce the white crystals of ‘sugar’ that are left. What started as a nutritious wholefood if eaten in moderation and straight from nature, is now refined with all the good stuff removed. You are essentially left with the a highly concentrated substance that is nutrient deficient and high in calories.

Sugar can be obtained naturally from foods as a whole food with all the added nutrients like fibre, vitamins and minerals.

We do not add any refined sugars as we do not need to. They simply add no health benefit. Our head chef is able to access sweetness from wholefoods to assist in the creation of well balanced, high nutritious meals that taste good.

But why no gluten… and what if I’m not gluten sensitive?
In meeting the growing health needs of our population, specifically those suffering from celiac disease and those with non-celiac gluten sensitivities we have designed a menu and facility free from gluten.
Whether you are celiac, are not celiac, have gluten sensitivity or a gluten intolerance, all grains used in the Garden of Vegan kitchen are free from gluten. All gluten-free grains are used intentionally by our head chef Druen Dron, as they are exploding with nutrients. We use gluten-free grains suck as quinoa, rice, buckwheat, millet and many more. They are each made up of different nutritional profiles and can be classified as ‘superfoods’ in our eyes. For example, quinoa is high in protein when compared to conventional sources of protein. Qunioa is like the queen of grains as it sufficiently meets all nine essential amino acids.

It contains antioxidants, is high in magnesium, fibre, B vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and many more.

Why wouldn’t you want more quinoa or other gluten-free grains and whole-foods in your life?

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