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Terms and conditions

  1. The parties agree that:
(a) The Supplier manufactures ready made meals, and seeks to appoint a non-exclusive reseller (the “Reseller”) on the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
(b) The Supplier grants non-exclusive rights to the Reseller to market, sell and support the products of the Supplier.
(c) The Supplier reserves the right to appoint other resellers to provide Reseller services.
(d) The parties record their respective rights and obligations in this Agreement, and agree to perform their obligations in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
(e) The Supplier has offered to appoint the Reseller as a reseller of the products, and Reseller has accepted the Suppliers offer on the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and any future agreements, as amended from time to time.
  1. Relationship between parties;
2.1 The Supplier will provide its products to the Reseller when an order has been placed by the Reseller.
2.1.1 The Reseller’s order shall specify the products that the Reseller seeks to purchase, and the quantities of each product that the Reseller seeks to purchase.
2.2 The delivery day our products will arrive to the Reseller, will be shown on your Account dashboard.
2.3 The Reseller agrees to pay for the Products upfront, prior to delivery.
2.4 The Supplier shall within 7 days of receipt of a purchase order from the Reseller, advise the Reseller if it is unable to deliver the Products within the timeframe stipulated, and provide an estimated new delivery date.
2.5 The Reseller agrees to sell the Suppliers products at a minimum price;
All of our meals have a recommended retail price of $17.95, and cannot be sold individually or in combination, for less than this amount. Any specials, offers, or promotions that affect the price of the Suppliers Products must be agreed to in writing by the Supplier.
2.6 The Reseller must advise the Supplier within 24 hours of receipt of delivery if any Products are defective, damaged, or unfit for resale. No claims for damaged Products, by the Reseller, will be accepted after this time. Should any of the Products be defective, damaged, or unfit for resale, the Reseller agrees to email a photo of the fault to within the 24 hour window.
2.7 All Products sold to the Reseller are final, and are not subject to change or refund after the 7 day cut-off period, prior to delivery.
2.8 The Supplier does not accept returns. All meals that remain unsold after the 'Best Before' date, must be disposed of at the cost of the Reseller.
2.9 The Reseller agrees, completely, to not sell any products that have passed their Best Before date.
2.10 The Reseller agrees to keep the products refrigerated at or below 5 degrees celsius until sold or disposed.
2.11 The meals listed on our website may change from time to time at the Suppliers discretion.
2.12 The meals purchased may be subject to change depending o our ability to source organic supply, however if this is necessary, a like-for-like product will be used to substitute the meal purchased.
  1. Pricing
3.1 Pricing is indicated for the meal selections within your Account dashboard at the time of making purchase. The Supplier may change its pricing at its own discretion at any time.  
3.2 A minimum order of 16 meals required each week, for access to wholesale rates
3.5 The Reseller agrees to sell the products at no less than the fixed price mentioned in Clause 2.5. ($17.95 per unit).
  1. Delivery
4.1 The delivery costs for supplying the Reseller with the products will be paid for by the Supplier when an order over $500 is made to one delivery location. A delivery fee will apply to orders less than this amount and will be specified during the checkout process. The delivery fee does vary on your location.
4.2 The delivery destination must be within the deliverable area of the Supplier. A list of postcodes the Supplier delivers to can be found at
  1. Liability
5.1 The Reseller agrees not to use, sell, or share any Confidential Information of the Supplier, with any third party, person, company or agency, as permitted by law.
5.2 “Confidential Information” shall mean all the information relating to the Supplier and its Products, which the Supplier considers to be proprietary or confidential, including but not limited to;
(a) products, services, processes, costs, sources of supply, marketing plans, strategic plans, business relationships, research and development, sales, profits, pricing methods, improvements, know-how, wether or not provided in writing or other expression;
(b) all other trade secrets and proprietary information relating to the Supplier and its Products, business affairs, and finances, or other information made available during discussions.
(c) this agreement, our wholesale pricing, and the terms of which this agreement is set.
(d) The Supplier revokes all liability in respect of the sale of the products to the Resellers customers. The Reseller accepts responsibility for the condition of the product after the initial window of claim, as stated in Clause 2.6.

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