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“Let food be thy medicine”

~ Hippocrates

Delivering to your door

Australia’s finest quality Certified Organic Produce

Safe for your health and better for the planet

Seasonal Fruit and

Leafy Greens Box

From farm, to Garden of Vegan, to your door


Vegetable Box

Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals

Hear from our local farmers and health professionals on why organic…

The Bio-Organic Farm at Murwillumbah

Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner Robyn Chuter on Why Organics

Why Organics with Bio-Organic Farmer Oogie

Farmer and business owner Basil on organic and the sustainability of the planet

Why you should nourish your body with our
Certified Organic Seasonal Produce Boxes.


100% organic.

We only use organic, non GMO, locally sourced ingredients. We spend time working with local farmers to make sure we only use the most nutrient dense produce.


support your
local farmers

We spend time collaborating with local farmers to make sure only the finest quality produce is used. We know exactly where your dollar is being spent, and that is directly to the farmers and their families.


delivered to
your door

Order with ease online and trust that your produce has gone through minimal hands before it is conveniently delivered to your door.


eat seasonal and
from the rainbow

Eating food from the rainbow that is in season is best for optimal health and well-being. Our boxes meet your nutritional needs in abundance, straight from plants. Each box is jam packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial


reduce your

Supporting organic farmers means no toxic pollutants are released into the environment. Organic Farming practises are also more sustainable than conventional methods which destroy the environment, in particular the health of the soil.

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what cutomers are saying…

"Hey guys - What a fabulous idea! And what perfect timing. I was at the organic farmers market this weekend thinking 'how can I get this delivered to my door?'. I love how responsive Garden of Vegan is during these challenging times. You are always there to provide my family with the best food money can buy. 100% certified organic produce = 100% nutrition. Bless you Garden of Vegan!" ~ Clare

still not convinced…

Current research has shown that for optimal human and planetary health, organic farming is best. Some health benefits of adopting an organic, whole-food plant-based diet may include;


Reduced inflammation

Assists in hydration

Protects cells from free radicals and stress due to high amounts of antioxidants

Promotes deep sleep cycles

Better digestion and absorption of nutrients

Boosts immune system which decreases the risk of injury or illness

Improvements to lean muscle mass

Optimal body fat percentage

And so much more.

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