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Price Change - Effective 31st October 2019

It’s Benny, Druen, Gareth, Damien and Mel here, the Garden of Vegan team.

Firstly, we would like to say a huge thank-you for your support! If it wasn’t for each and every one of you, we would not be here today sending this email.

For us, Garden of Vegan has been a dream come true! An idea born from the desire to provide Australians with the healthiest & tastiest meals in line with the benchmarks set by the worlds leading nutrition experts. To help get the health of our fellow Australians, and the health of the planet back on track. This mission is close to our hearts.

Garden of Vegan is growing rapidly. Our mission is being spread, and we are not going to compromise on our values. One of our non-negotiable ideals is supplying you all with Australia’s finest certified organic ingredients. We do not buy anything pre-made. Every single ingredient you eat is lovingly prepared and cooked in our kitchen.

As we have grown, we have become increasingly troubled by our tight margins. Although we have put this off for quite some time, we now have to implement a price change that will affect the cost of your meal box.

From Thursday 31st October, our box prices will change to the following;

Box Size Current Price New Price
8 Meals $127.60 $135.60
10 Meals $149.50 $164.50
12 Meals $173.40 $191.40
15 Meals $209.25 $231.75
18 Meals $242.10 $269.10
21 Meals $271.95 $303.45

When we created our business, almost 6 months ago, one thing we overlooked was GST. All fresh produce is not subject to GST that we can claim, however when we combine the ingredients to create a delicious meal our we are required to pay GST. This imbalance was overlooked when we originally created our pricing model, as such we now have to update our pricing to ensure the survivability of Garden Of Vegan and keep bringing you certified organic, gluten-free, plant-based meals.

We have worked hard to ensure our meals are competitive in price, gram for gram, with other meal delivery services that are not organic. We fully support local Australian certified organic farmers, and this main core value of our business will never change.

We do intend to help lobby government for change to their policy in support of subsidising healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, instead of the meat and dairy industry, however, we cannot change the current situation to reduce the pricing of our meals.

The integrity of the food we produce is so important to us. We hope you will continue to support our business now and into the future. Your decision on what to eat, not only affects your health but the health of the planet. We should all be placing more demand into organically grown plant-based produce to ensure a sustainable future for our children.

On another note, we are also pursuing 100% plastic-free packaging. This is something very close to our hearts, and we are hoping to be the first company within our industry, worldwide, to offer a packaging solution that meets Australian food standards, and is considered the best option for the environment. On this topic, if any of you have any connections in this space, we are still researching, evaluating and testing options worldwide. Any input you may have in helping us find the best solution will be very much appreciated.

Thank you for reading this email, and for your on-going support. If you have any questions, please get in touch, we would love to hear your feedback.

Warmest Regards,

Our Family at Garden of Vegan
Benny, Druen, Gareth, Damien and Mel

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