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Our team

The team at Garden of Vegan and sick and tired of hearing about their friends and family receive a serious, or life-threatening medical diagnosis. Chronic lifestyle diseases and illnesses are continually increasing and the planet is suffering. The widespread pain cause by the torture of living creatures is inhumane and the health and wellbeing of life as we know it, in our opinion is quickly reaching a pandemic. The time to act is now.

Garden of Vegan was founded by four everyday Australian blokes who all shared the same vision and passion for health, family, love for animals and a more sustainable world for all. They believe that by adopting an organic plant-based lifestyle free from oil, gluten and processed sugar is a key foundational requirement to help prevent lifestyle diseases and contribute to sustaining and preserving this beautiful place we call home.

The key driving forces behind the vision of garden of vegan are;
1. Health. Optimum vitality and life free from disease and illness.

  1. To protect and preserve the environment and all living organisms within our ecosystem, so it can thrive for 100’s if not 1000’s of years to come.
  2. To live in harmony with all living things and acknowledge the generational power struggles that have seen man kill man and man kill and torture animals. At this time in human history, it’s just not needed.

Join the boys and their families in their mission to regain their health and contribute to a better world for our future.

The boys mission is huge. They want to reach all Australians and their families.

Garden of Vegan started off with delivering to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay, quickly expanded within the first three months of opening. The team expanded their reach and are now delivering organic pre-made plant-based meals to major cities like Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide and many regional NSW and Regional Melbourne locations. (gareth, can we list more locations- purely for organic ad words. List as many locations as we can here.)

We are so much more than just a food company, we are real people who really care about health, the environment and animal welfare.


Druen Dorn


This is Druen.
Druen is the Head Chef and Co-Founder of Garden of Vegan.
Every delicious meal on our menu has been carefully created by this passionate vegan chef.
Druen started cooking at the age of 14 in a 5 star restaurant, when he was 18 he transitioned to a plant-based diet and started creating delicious plant-based meals.
Now, 4 years later Druen is the creator of all the meals made at Garden of Vegan, leading out our production here on the Gold Coast.
Druen puts a lot of love and care into every meal and is continuously improving his recipes, sourcing the freshest seasonal organic produce & running our sustainable cooking process.

For Druen Garden of Vegan is a vehicle for positive change; improving health, mindset & lifestyle for everyone in Australia. In his own words: “I feel a responsibility to help lead the health transformation the world needs & through Garden of Vegan I have the opportunity to do my part, this is why we are doing this”.

If you’ve already met Druen, you’ll know what a driven, humble, hard working man he is. We are so happy to have such a good man as part of our team!

We want everyone to see who we are, so you know who is making your food!
We are so much more than just a food company, we are real people who really care about health, the environment and animal welfare.


Gareth Staples


This is Gareth.
Gareth is one of the Co-Founders at Garden of Vegan. He is a loving father of two.
Gareth is a passionate researcher, not only does he spend hours a day researching the newest studies on nutrition, but he has the ability of deciphering between different literature without a bias attachment. Gareth is fully dedicated to a plant-based way of life - as are his children and partner. One of Gareth’s main reasons for adopting a whole-food plant-based lifestyle is his children. He wants his children to be as healthy as possible, and for them to grow up with respect for animals and the environment around them.
He wants a future with clean air, clean waterways and a sustainable eco system, where animals, humans and all living creatures can thrive.
Gareth said, “when my children are adults, I want to be able to look them in the eye and say I did everything I possible could to ensure a sustainable future”.
Gareth’s own research has lead him to work with some amazing health professionals, doctors and nutritionists. He has also aligned many health professionals with Garden of Vegan, to ensure we are on the right path.
Some of Gareth’s favourite doctors that he has acquired research and personal knowledge from are:
Dr Michel Gregor
Dr Colin Campbell
Dr Caldwell Esselstyn
Dr John McDougall
Dr Neal Barnard
Dr Joel Fuhrman
Dr Garth Davis
Dr Dean Ornish
and many more.


Damien Turner


This is Damien.
Damien is another one of the Co-Founders of Garden of Vegan.
We would like to share with you a little about “Damo”.
Almost 3 years ago Damo decided to take back control of his life! He was over worked, stressed, overweight, regularly sick, no energy and on a destructive path of chronic illness - including High cholesterol, fatty liver & high blood pressure to name a few.
Fast forward to now, Damo has lost a whopping 40kg since switching to a whole-food vegan diet and reversed his health issues! He is now living on a balanced & healthy lifestyle, more awakened and more consciously living in harmony with the environment around him.
This transformation inspired Damo with the support of his plant-based partner Mel, to share their experience and help others! Both Damo and Mel noticed there was a need for a company to offer ethical, organic, plant-based whole-foods that promoted real and honest health from a scientific basis.
The power duo have a big mission on their hearts and want to assist the everyday Australian and their families on their health journey using the power of plants.
This was the inspiration for Damo to start recruiting a team of likeminded humans to bring to you “Garden of Vegan”.
For Damo, Garden of Vegan is so much more than a meal company. It is a platform to educate and support a community of people to live a healthier life, just as he has done so himself.


Ben Walker


This is Benny.
Benny is another Co-Founder of Garden of Vegan.
He has been a Personal Trainer for 18 years and currently still trains people at his fitness studio on the Gold Coast.
Benny has been helping people transition to a healthy vegan diet for the last 2 years (free of charge), giving free recipes, knowledge and showing people how to stay fit and healthy on a vegan diet through his instagram page vegan_like_benny
He has currently helped over 100 people transition to a healthy vegan diet.
Benny suffered with severe allergies to citrus all his life, joint pain from years of lifting weights and had gut issues for a few years leading up to his lifestyle change. All these issues have been completely cured since switching to a whole-food plant based diet and living a healthier lifestyle.
For Benny, one of the best things since switching to healthy vegan diet is being able to enjoy citrus foods for the first time in his life with no allergic reactions!

Here are some main health benefits Benny has noticed;

Better sleep

More energy

Clear mind

Maintaining lean muscle mass better

Better strength, endurance and recovery with training

Better Poo – more regular, consistent healthy poo

No more dry and flaky skin

Less body odour

Never bloated - improved gut health and no more allergies

No more inflammation or joint pain

Thicker hair

Clearer skin and eye colour

Benny hasn’t been sick since he went vegan 2.5 years ago, not even a sniffle

Benny is passionate about health, fitness and a balanced lifestyle -Including healthy food, yoga, meditation and a mix between weight training, cardiovascular exercise and different sports.
Like a lot of you, Benny found his unconditional love and compassion for all living creatures since transitioning to a vegan diet.


GOV Ethos

“Inspire conscious and abundant living” -Garden of vegan

At Garden of Vegan we want to create a more conscious world that is at peace and is thriving with vitality, free from suffering and sickness.

We are here to question all that we know and lead the way in health, sustainability of our planet and well-being.


Gareth, please insert as many references as you have for the 6 week program reference page

At Garden of Vegan, we are not just an organic, plant-based, vegan meal delivery service. We believe in education and continual research and development about all things health and wellbeing, so that as a society we can thrive and sustain quality life for longer.

Here is a list of compiled references, sources of information, documentaries, research papers and articles that we have used to help us on our plant-based journey that may also be of use to you on your health journey…

Some websites worth checking out:


Documentaries to inspired and educated:

The Game Changers
What The Health
Forks Over knives
That Sugar Film
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
Food Choices
Super Size Me


Health professionals to follow:

Articles and research papers: 


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