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As a community, we are experiencing an unprecedented public health situation and we wanted to take an opportunity to reach out and let you know that we are here for you.

In this rapidly evolving situation, Garden Of Vegan is guided by two priorities: ensuring employee safety, and supporting your needs during this critical period.

We have made some significant changes with how we handle our meals, including the preparation and cooking of the meals.

  • Almost all of our fresh produce is acquired locally, directly from farms, and as such has seen the least amount of handling compared to shop bought produce.
  • All kitchen staff will be removed from working if there is any doubt about their health status.
  • All kitchen staff will be wearing full body gowns, food handling gloves, hair nets, and face masks for the time they spend preparing and cooking food. Our cleanliness with hand washing and clean downs will include more thorough attention.
  • After your meals are sealed, they are delivered straight to your door.

There are some delivery changes too;

  • Food deliveries across the country has spiked. Meaning an increased demand on the delivery networks. There may be some delays, as a 30% increase in food orders has increased over-night.
  • The delivery driver will now leave your food at your front door (please note door bells are now considered higher risk) - You may want to change your delivery instructions at your earliest convenience through your Accounts page.
  • No address changes. As the impact of a huge increase in volume is affecting the deliveries, the delivery company will reject any requests for last minute address changes.
  • No delivery ETA enquiries during the allotted time slot.
  • No more local pick-ups. We will be delivering only for the foreseeable future to mitigate unnecessary contact with the community and our kitchen.

With consumer sentiment guided by panic, there is likely to be a further spike in home-delivered meal demand due to consumer self-isolation (I hope you have toilet paper at home). We are preparing for this spike and preparing our supply chain to meet demands where possible. We can not predict the complete impact of COVID-19 but we can prepare as best we can together.

Please know that we make Australia’s Healthiest Meals and deliver them to your door. Having a healthy immune system will help you stave off any serious side effects of contracting the disease, and our minimal handling processes mean your food in as clean and as safe as it possibly can be!

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