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Is Garden of Vegan right for me?

“…you don’t have to label yourself as a vegan or identify with one structure of beliefs, you just have to have respect for your body to fuel it with what mother nature intended and want to help contribute to a better world for our kids, and their kids…” Benny from Garden of Vegan

If you love food, want to live your best life, increase your vitality and drive day to day, improve your strength and performance, minimise your carbon footprint, contribute to preserving this beautiful place we call home and generally want to nurture and nourish your mind, body and soul then garden of vegan is right for you.

We are not here to push an agenda. We are here to help empower you on your health journey and provide you with the highest quality, organic plant-based whole-foods that taste delicious and will keep you wanting more.

We encourage everybody to eat more plants. It’s just that simple.

Garden of vegan will not only support you on your journey to a healthier more vibrant you but will help you sustain it.

We understand that time is money. We also understand that eating healthy in the past has not always satisfied your taste buds. We know that adopting a plant-based diet can be costly. We also understand that lifestyle diseases and illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and mental illnesses are increasing dramatically.

Research is also suggesting that to improve performance, strength and physical resilience across a range of recreational, sporting and fitness fields, adopting a plant-based diet will positively assist you on your journey. Be it quicker recovery time, adequate nutrition to fuel the body and mind, then Garden of Vegan is right for you.

With all these factors in mind, came the vision and birth of Garden of Vegan.

We have sourced the best quality certified organic produce from across Australia, free from nasty chemicals and pesticides that are detrimental to your health. We have removed all animal products and by products, which have now been linked to increasing the risk of contracting a lifestyle disease or illness. We have designed meals that offer the widest range of nutrients that do not compromise on flavour or value for money and we deliver fresh to your door weekly, saving you time.

Compared to other pre-made meal delivery services, we are competitive on price gram for gram whilst providing a premium product.  

Whether you want to cleanse and heal, feast and nourish or optimise and perform, Garden of Vegan is here to support you.

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