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About Garden of Vegan

Garden of Vegan was started by five humble Aussies, empowered with a passion for whole food plant-based nutrition. Our mission is to help educate our fellow Australians on what is truly the greatest medicine; the food we eat.

Australia’s first and only ready-made meals made from 100% certified organic ingredients, completely oil-free, vegan and gluten-free.

It's nearly 4am, and Benny, Mel, Gareth and Damien are all down at a local certified organic farm, picking fresh garlic, onions, sweet potatoes and kale, straight from the ground. Our head chef Druen is patiently waiting at the kitchen, sharpening his knives, ready to start the cook. They soon arrive with the freshly picked harvest, the sun has just risen above the horizon, and it is time for the magic to begin! Everything is washed in pure filtered water - we don't want any chlorine or fluoride on our veggies. Our menu has been specifically designed to offer the widest range of micronutrients to make your body truly thrive. After our team of amazing chefs have put every ounce of love and passion into the cook, it's time to plate up the meals, seal them, and pack them ready for delivery.

From midnight, the deliveries start to arrive at customers doors. People are woken by a mild vibration on their phone, the alert is good news; breakfast has arrived. The excitement begins to rise. Slowly opening the cold insulated box, a bounty of meals that will last you all week lie there, waiting for their turn to be devoured. Your mouth begins to salivate as you peel back the cover, and smell the aroma of the freshly cooked vegetables inside. The freshness overcomes you, and your excitement begins to peak. You momentarily become less sexy as you start to drool. You take your first mouthful and the euphoria takes control, then you ponder, 'why did I not try Garden of Vegan sooner?!'

Garden of Vegan was started with a shared dedication for health, our love for animals, and our passion for great food. The scientific evidence that supports eating WFPB is beyond comparison, and we have made it our goal to spread this knowledge and provide the ultimate solution in ready-made healthy meals.

Inspired by the work of Dr Dean Ornish, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr John McDougall, and many other world leading nutritional experts, our menu is designed around the science of nutrition.

From the ingredients in each meal, to the farmers and growers that supply us, to the packaging that your food comes in. We haven’t cut any corners because we believe that your health, and the health of our planet, is of the utmost importance.

Head on over to our Instagram @wearegardenofvegan to follow us daily, check out our facility, meet our farmers, learn new recipes, get free workouts and health information and come on adventures with us.

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