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Macadamia Spread

Macadamia Spread

Macadamia butter is a healthy and deliciously creamy nut spread made from 100% certified organic macadamia nuts. The nuts have been crushed, blended and jared for you to enjoy. The Macadamia nuts have not ben roasted, they are free from preservatives and additives and have no added oil or sugar.

Just 100% organic Macadamia nuts. Thats it!

This decadent and highly nutrient dense blend has a unique and addictive taste. It is great in desserts, smoothies, raw treats, in salad dressings, on top of veggie mixes or as a decadent nut milk. It can also be used as a spread on crackers or bread.

A healthy substitute for dairy butter or conventional nut spreads that contain added oils and sugars that are not good for our health. 

Decadent and 100% organic Macadamia milk, made fresh in less than 1 minute! 

This milk is the creamiest of all nut milks and tastes divine! 

Add one heaped teaspoon of Macadamia butter to 1L of filtered water (add more depending on how creamy you want your milk).
Blend on high for 20 seconds and enjoy.

This instant Macadamia milk is 100% free from oils, additives, preservatives and sweeteners.

For something a little more special, add one date or some vanilla bean paste for a little sweetness.

Health benefits;
Macadamia Milk is high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and is a rich source of Manganese, Thiamine, Copper and essential Dietary Fibre.
Macadamias have been said to help improve heart health, fight disease, aid in weight loss, support gut health, strengthen bones, improve brain and nerve health and so much more.

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note; all ingredients are certified organic:
Nutrition Information
Serving Size: 170g # of Servings:
Average Quantity per Serving %Daily Intake*
Energy 5526KJ/1320Cal 64%
Protein 13.7g 27%
Fat, total 137.2g 196%
- saturated 18.5g 77%
Carbohydrate 8.1g 3%
- sugars 8.1g 9%
Dietary Fibre g 0%
Sodium 7.2mg 0%

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration not necessary.

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