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Head Over Hooves Ep#2- Meet heroic Clark Kent, the Rooster

In episode two of the Head over Hooves educational series, Benny gets up close and personal with resident Rooster Clark Kent!  Clark Kent is a super heroic figure on the farm, who takes the upmost pride everyday in looking after his girls (or chicks). He is the sworn protector at Head over Hooves and takes his job very seriously.  We learn from Victoria about the duties of a Rooster and how they have gotten a bad wrap in the past amongst the farm animal Kingdom. Meet super cuddly, focussed and driven Clark Kent...

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Head Over Hooves Ep #01 - Farmed animal rescue care and rehoming with Head over Hooves

Garden of Vegan have teamed up with local animal sanctuary Head over Hooves to raise much needed awareness around animal welfare.  Head over Hooves works selflessly to rescue abandoned or mistreated farm animals from pounds. They provide veterinary care and help them find a new home where they can bring joy and love to others. "We believe every life deserves happiness" - Co-Founders Victoria and Julian. In this mini series with Co-Founder Victoria, hear why a small collective of humans have dedicated their lives to this mission so close to their hearts. Meet some of the local residents and learn what goes into running an animal sanctuary.  Don’t miss this mini series...

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