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The truth about tofu

Many soy products, including tofu, have gotten a bad rap in the past. Some people avoid soy based products like tofu, because they have heard that it is bad for your health. They may have read that it increases your risk of certain cancers, causes thyroid problems, infertility or sexual abnormalities for example; ‘man boobs’ and early puberty in girls. Yet some people believe soy to be a superfood boasting many health benefits and ironically helping protect from certain cancers, assist with healthy hormones and so much more... So what is the truth?  Such a controversial health ingredient.  So is soy good for human consumption? Let's start with answering; what exactly is soy?Soybeans are a part of the legume or...

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Head Over Hooves Ep #04 - Meet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Georgie Boy

Benny from Garden of Vegan sits down with Victoria from Head over Hooves Farm, a family run animal sanctuary located in northern NSW.  In this episode of the short series, Victoria shares with Benny the background of Georgie boy and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, two best mates who reside at Head over Hooves.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow the pig, was the first animal rescued at Head over Hooves.He was rescued by Victoria and Julian from the local pound.As the property backs onto the border ranges, Victoria needed Julian to build a safe enclosure for Henry before she brought him home. The reason Henry needed a custom built enclosure was to ensure that he was well protected from surrounding dingoes, pythons and other...

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Head Over Hooves Ep #03 - Meet little Jimmy, the rescued baby lamb

In episode three of the Head over Hooves educational series, Victoria shares with Benny the story of how they rescued little Jimmy the baby lamb. Little Jimmy was found abandoned on a main road in Forbes, NSW, whilst the couple were driving up from Melbourne, to start their new life and animal sanctuary. This is just one of the many rescue stories from Head over Hooves.  Hear about his rescue and meet the now 18 month old ‘little’ Jimmy.

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Head Over Hooves Ep#02- Meet heroic Clark Kent, the Rooster

In episode two of the Head over Hooves educational series, Benny gets up close and personal with resident Rooster Clark Kent!  Clark Kent is a super heroic figure on the farm, who takes the upmost pride everyday in looking after his girls (or chicks). He is the sworn protector at Head over Hooves and takes his job very seriously.  We learn from Victoria about the duties of a Rooster and how they have gotten a bad wrap in the past amongst the farm animal Kingdom. Meet super cuddly, focussed and driven Clark Kent...

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Can I sustain a meat free diet? And is being vegan good for my long term health?

So you have taken the first step towards a healthier you by eliminating meat.  The question is can you sustain a meatless diet? And is being vegan good for your long term health? According to our resident Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Robyn Chuter the answer is YES! But, only if you eat real foods.  What do we mean by real foods? Many vegans – both newbies and old pros – fall into the trap of relying on heavily processed vegan alternatives for their favourite ‘omni’ foods, such as faux meats, isolated soy protein-based burgers, ‘not’ cream cheese and highly sweetened non-dairy ice cream.  These are fine as occasional treats or something to throw on your non-vegan friend’s barbeque, but relying on...

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