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Organic, Certified Organic, Spray free, Conventional farming… It’s all a little confusing what the differences are, and, does it even matter?

The differences between organically and non-organically grown food are quite well known. A meta-analysis of 343 peer-reviewed studies show a very significant difference. In fact, in one test, organic tomatoes were shown to have nearly two thousand times more iron than their non-organically grown counterpart. Which is huge!  But what is the difference between ‘Organic’, ‘Spray Free’ and ‘Certified Organic’? Let's start with the process of a farm becoming certified organic… After acquiring a piece of land with the intentions of becoming a ‘Certified Organic’ farmer, you must assess the history of the land, and ensure it has been clean from chemicals for a minimum of seven years. Next, you need to find a suitable certifying company who will then go through...

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